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Description : Hip Hop/Trap style track inspired by MrFunkTastic and used was one of his Premium Trap loops. threw in a lot of percussion, hard drums- barely a bass line coz the loop hd heavy low end and i made it the focus of the song, but non the less!!!

This song evokes a feeling of an adventure, like a 2025 indiana jones.

Description : A Collab that i did with a fellow Looper, we both worked on the beat and both did vocals for it!

"Wake Up and stop being brain washed"

Description : beat made with samples from fellow looper @dontrale1

Description : A track i did with a fellow looper with me on 1st verse

Description : A track i did with Serbian Producer "Leks Lovic"
he produced the beat- i did the vocals

Tags : | Trap | 8.45 MB

Description : So i uploaded some loops and they all came from THIS you can tell,the loops and this final product are VERY different coz of the FX i put during mixing
Its for me and my crews 1st EP to BE released titled Undeniable
cannot put it out for download for those purposes..but with the net these days?you can get ANYTHING..but plz guys dont jack

Description : 1st of all, the beat is squashed to death(my compression style)
now that thaats outta tha way...
A beat i was captivated with produced by @Evisma and i just HAD to put some "experimental" type of vocals..
Couldnt wait to get to studio so recorded and mixed it myself lol could be better,but its "bearable"
I put genre under "fusion" coz it fuses his production style which was just a bit too unique, and my vocal style which is a tad bit unique too lol.

link to beat ->

Description : A Track Produced by @EazyBeatz that induced emotions only a women has ever given me.the instrumental/beat just took my breath away and "spoke thruogh me"
i materialzed it and this is what it sounds like NOW.
HEAVILY COMPRESSED and i did my own mixing,its still not perfect..far from commercial tracks or what ever,but..this is my way of practicing,showing love for the producers and just HAVING FUN...right?
Link to beat ->

Tags : | Trap | 7.89 MB

Description : i was angry that OT Genasis took our heater-and nobody even knows,we have a chance for revolution, are you prepared to Represent tha Brotherhood?

Tags : | Trap | 8.75 MB

Description : so here is one of the DJ Snake type beats i did,left two verses open and the last verse is bridged with the oatmeal ice cream i was thinking my team would jump on the verses instead of making it a pure instrumetal,what do you think?must i have rap vocals on the song or its fine as it is?
i think this beat is alright and it can make waves.
"My journey to Epic Electro Trap is almost finished"

Tags : | Weird | 4.30 MB

Description : So i did a bit of sound design on an interview i watched (its not a film or anything with reserved rights so Looper Admin finna chill out,lol)
its of a lady who committed a crime of passion, tortured her BF for 3 days before killing him because he had "snitched" and put many people in Jail.she shows no remorse at all and is presentably a very highly intelligent individual..this is a project i did.
basically some cinematic ambiance to accompany the tone of the convo and at the end i just put some simple loops of strings,arps and a nice killer guitar...didnt work hard on the drums tho..i dont know what genre this is so i will put it under "weird" then sit in a corner and cry coz no one listens to weird stuff lol
peace Loopers

Tags : | Trap | 8.88 MB

Description : The Second Edition to my Dj Snake type beats.
Really BANGING and energetic with some nice synths,chopped up vocalz subliminal wobbles and sweet sweeps and transitions,dope percussions and drum work.Real "Epic Electro Trap" jus like dey like it!

Do you think its finished,good as an instrumental or should i have some guys do rap vocals on top?

Tags : | Trap | 7.44 MB | Colab Request

Description : i think this is the last time i will be making this type of Club Banger, on the New Age DJ Snake,Yellow Claw and Dillon Francis mix of styles,not completely but in certain Sections!
Turn Up!!

Description : Recorded With iPhone Earphones Inside Fl Studio 12:-D

Original Beat:

Description : Dope Ass Electro House track that i did- Produced by Mexican Producer Alex Orozco.
Talkin bout gold diggers in the club... they r hot, know how to dance too,all the guys want them but,"Her Fya Evil!!"

Tags : | Trap | 6.33 MB | Colab Request

Description : Ambient-melodic Trap with a sick twist and deep kickin Bass,chopped up keys -snares and hats-Drill Style

Beat Collab done by MsYogi and Fya Philly ME

Tags : | Trap | 8.98 MB | Adult Content

Description : This is a story telling Beat i put up from VARIOUS sample packs.
It was inspired by the events following the Shimla Riot at the University of the Free State were student protests were at their most rife.
This Beat is the voice of the oppressed and is highly emotional for those
who have lived through it,and still dealing with the repercussions-like me,facing charges and have been wrongfully imprisoned.
Features Quotes from notable Students and the Hook features a very eye opening statement from the Vice Chancellor of University of the Free State Mr Jonathan Jansen.

Description : A Beat i made just to commemorate my BDay which is tomorow (11th March)
its my Present out to the world-so here is a "free beat" so to say.
if you DO use it/rap on it- Link back your work so i can vibe out too!!

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