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Description : Goes with Bellz and Drum Loop

Description : goes with drum and piano loop Chances

Description : Goes with the Piano and Bellz loop

Description : Guitar riff enjoy

Description : Stacatto String Mix enjoy

Description : Cool Piano bit enjoy

Description : Crazy piano that goes with the other two uploaded parts. Let me hear your creations! Enjoy

Description : Killer Piano

Description : Cool Piano melody, 3 parts Intro Verse and Hook

Description : Bellz that go with flute mix

Description : Flute Mallet combo, cool feel...

Description : Might as well add the drums:) goes with the other loops I just posted. Let me hear your creations! Enjoy

Description : Goes with the bellz, xylo, reverse chords.. enjoy

Description : This goes great with the bells and reverse chord I just uploaded.. enjoy

Description : cool reverse synth

Description : ambient bells

Description : Pretty Piano with a touch of reverb.. Enjoy

Description : Cool piano Em C D... enjoy

Description : Dark and pretty

Description : simple intro

Description : BreakDown snare beat

Description : Straight Forward Beat

Description : cool beat

Description : Cool Delay snare Beat

Description : Solid Beat

Loops 1 - 25 of 42