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Description : itz a drum

Description : dark sounds, just found it while i was goin through some old samples of mine, figured yall maybe able to use it. i dont remember what key its in

Description : just a clip from a hook I wrote an pitched it, so gl. it says "all by myself (myself), I'll see you my dear (my dear)..." sun like that

Description : just listen

Description : goes wit soft melody

Description : just sums i put down y'all can use

Description : just drummin on logic

Description : matches any song realy

Description : just sayn yah

Description : just hyping

Description : somthing soft

Description : i was using as uptemp song but i feel its versatile.

Description : multiple use

Description : just osme type sound

Description : this is not a sample , all midi i made earlier with a vox background effect to compliment it. on logic . all work i made.

Description : makin a soul beat

Description : made this

Description : airy type mystical dawn type ish

Description : i made it for my dark rap beat. but i shared with yall instead

Description : just drumin round

Description : sampled again

Description : just something ambient for use when ever u need one/ sampled

Description : idk either , i use it but u can have it . made from sampled drums

Description : just chillin sampling something an this dark grieve came around an i decided to in tune it. take if u want it idc

Loops 1 - 24 of 24