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Description : Should I make a pack of riddim basses? tell me in chat.

Description : tell me what you guys think

Description : Thank the Serum gods, this loop consists of saw stacks, a distorted saw bass with noise low-passed, a background square lead, and finally, a background saw wave arp. Suitable for Dubstep, EDM, Future Bass, or any other electronic genre. ENJOY!

EDIT: sorry this is in G not F, lol

Description : The classic dun, ,tshh,dun, , ,dun, tshh, , ,

Description : sneak peek of a something special :D:D:D:D

Description : This has the crunch, man serum is so OP

This is in E#

Description : hello, goodbye

Description : I learned you slap on 3 OTT's and add verb and some EQ and whela

Description : its not too dark but not too happy, I like it

Description : … o.O

Description : I don't have any new names sooo….. yeah

Description : From my upcoming track with the same name, needs correct drums to be awesome

Description : do you guys think so?

Description : Pairs well with the bassline

Description : Woooh!

(only sounds good with the corresponding drumloop)

Description : Snail Riddim

Description : You can really feel it

Description : not dead...

BTW this loop is acidised

Description : Detune is fun

Description : heheh… add to it

Description : I like the delay effect

Description : use them

Description : number 4

Description : WEEEEEEE

Description : YEEEEEEEEE O.o

Loops 1 - 25 of 73
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