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Description : Flex Plugin with some chords lowfilter

F Minor

Description : Just Addictive Keys with a in a lofi-ish setup

C Major

Description : Standard FL GMS plugin + EQ2

B Major

Description : RandARP PLugin + Addictive Keys


Description : Gated ARP using Tonespace->RandARP->Realguitar/PAD

C Major

Description : Goes with other "spook" stuff but it's just addictive keys and me slamming the keys harder with some notes

Description : Omni pads/string simple arp for "spook"

Description : Used some crushed Absynth5 synth goes with "Spook --" set

Description : Never took this anywhere , just a standard bass progression

Description : Sakura plugins with some simple chords in E major.

If you need the notes in the chords let me know and I'll post em.
I'll eventually be able to speak in chords soon..

Description : Little bit of Keyzone/Helm strings Chords reverb-ed up

Description : Messing with P8 plugin, just chords with some random settings and low notes

D Minor

Description : No clue, just some addictive keys chords

Gsharp MINOR

Description : Messing around with ElectraX2

D Minor

Description : C# Major - Messing around with P8 Plugin to make some pads

Description : P8 plugin with simple C major chords

Description : FL keys Distorted

Key C

Description : Choir goes well with "Piano Tone" Loop

Description : Flute for "Snyth lead"

P8 synth and omni

Key: D Minor

Description : P8 synth and omni

Key: D Minor

Description : Chords with a Lofish distorted piano?

Keyzone classic/omnisphere/P8/FL Keys

Key: C

Description : Only black keys, Synth with a pad and p8 synth behind it

Description : D minor used, chords and a pad

Description : Simple Chords FL keys and a synth behind - fits with "Cell Wave"

Description : Still messing with some Synths, tried "krush" plugin with a simple tune.

Loops 26 - 50 of 53