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  • From : Harlan, United States
  • Joined : Sun 1st Mar 2009, 12 years ago

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Description : Crazy sounding FX swells and then "Down Lifts" (falls). Made with white noise and Dblue.. Pretty crazy sounding.

Description : Stabs made with reFXPlasticz ran through a filter delay, and automates into a flanger and a small stone chorus sounding effect.

Description : Hat's and Rides ran through Izotope Alloy

Description : Sizzlin' (kinda) hat loop to add some speed to your drums.

Description : A bit longer than the other, with some variation on the kick and the snare roll placement in the second half of it.

Description : Basic DnB loop with a snare alt thing in the middle and a ride at the end. If you don't like the ride then just half the loop.

Description : No snare just kick and hat. Basic but effective.

Description :

Description :

Description : Ambient sort of string loop.. Kinda scary. *ha* made in chimera, killin that CPU!

Description : Droney kind of dark atmospheric..

Description : Strange sounding lead type loop, kind of razory..Made with the SMG 30x ran through the Filter delay synth maker demo in FL..

Description : Basic four on the floor with some hi hats.. everything is doubled up and compressed.

Description : Loop 3 of 3.. Kind of not electro house.. lulz dawg!!

Description : Elektro House Sytnh 2 of 3.. Take these and stack them up... or not

Description : Over-Sync Loop 1 of 3.. Kind of Dark

Description : Basic Snare build up W crash.. Main loop has no remainder!!

Description : Sytrus arp ran through some (obviously the love philter) filters and a chorus. pretty tight with a four on the floor

Description : Sytrus arp with some distortion

Loops 1 - 19 of 19
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