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Description : Very tight and punchy drums that can be used in almost anything, like trap, dubstep, or whatever genre you're creating in!

Description : Dubstep drop
Add your own bass

Description : A dubstep drop with no sub bass included so you can add your own.

This goes with a song I just released, so have fun.

Description : Remade one of my favorite dubstep drum loops with some higher quality kicks and snares.

Description : Atfer going through some old files, I found the song that I made this for.
Decided to go ahead and cut the drum loop out so you guys could have something good for a dubstep song or whatever.

You can cut it a certain way to just keep the drum loop without the intro that keeps the reverb all throughout.

Description : Found this while going through some old files.
Sounds like an alien spaceship or something.
I presume you could use it for a dubstep intro, but I'm not sure how.

Description : Not too much to say about this one.
Obviously styled for dubstep, but I suppose you could get clever with it.

Description : Couldn't find a nice echo-ridden tribal drum track on here at 140 bpm, so I made one.

Description : A mono dubstep loop.
Do with it what you will.

Description : Yet ANOTHER Dubstep drop loop.
Not much more to say about it.

Description : My third 808 drum loop that I'm offering up.
A happy middle ground between the two others in terms of tempo, yet on another level in terms of intensity.
Obviously more useful for trap instead of dubstep or other edm.

Description : A short evolving stab. Could be used in dubstep or trap, probably.

Description : A drum loop named after Bacon because it's popping. (Get the joke? It's a lame joke.) Useful for Dubstep or really any kind of EDM.

Description : A short dubstep loop that (if used with the proper drum pattern) has a very nice swing to it.

Description : A short dubstep wobble / bass shot from an upcoming song I'm working on.

Description : Haven't been on LM in a long time. I've had some stuff going on in my life but I'm back to making music and will begin putting new dubstep, trap, and drum and bass loops out every now and then. This is the drum loop I made for a song I'm working on. Enjoy! :)

Description : A heavily modified Rhodes.

Description : Have a deeper dubstep drop.
(It's at 145 to make the track a bit more intense.)

Description : A quick dubstep drop I whipped up for you kids.

Description : A house piano I made while attempting to make a completely different sound.


Description : A powerful dubstep riser like you might hear in an Excision or Datsik song.

Description : The same sound used in my "Final Thoughts - Following" loop. I like it too much, so I used it for something different.
It's an organ / synth.

Description : A second version of my piano loop.

Description : This one kinda sounds like the soundtrack for It Follows.
An organ / synth sound, I guess.

Description : A semi-organ lead / backup loop.
It's a weird one, but I like it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 64