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SikNoiz 12th Sep 2015 15:06 -  8 years ago

on Screaming wobble bass by Avehnyl
I would also love to have the preset!
I'll credit you if I ever use it in a song.
Avehnyl replied 12th Sep 2015 - 8 years ago
I'll send it to you. ;)
SikNoiz 24th Aug 2015 18:09 -  8 years ago

on Heavy Wobble Dubstep Drop SIDECHAIN by ImNawtARappah
That gives off a very powerful feeling.

Well done!
SikNoiz 23rd Aug 2015 15:08 -  8 years ago

on Heavy Wobble Dubstep Drop by ImNawtARappah
Just a little feedback.
I like the sound, I really do!
It's just the dk-dk-dk-dk parts right before the 2nd, 3rd and right at the end kinda take away from it.

This kind of drop should be fluid and round.
Not choppy and square.

Just a friendly tip.
ImNawtARappah replied 24th Aug 2015 - 8 years ago
thanks for the tip bro! i will do a re-upload of a better version of this, stay tuned!
SikNoiz 26th Jul 2015 23:37 -  8 years ago

on Melodic Synth Drop by MaurStylin
I used a slowed down / pitch altered version of this here:

Thanks a ton!
SikNoiz 25th Apr 2015 21:20 -  9 years ago

on Typical Dubstep Drop by L0neW0lf

Gave you a shoutout in the description too.
SikNoiz 6th Mar 2015 22:48 -  9 years ago

on Singing monster by Danke
Danke replied 9th Mar 2015 - 9 years ago
Thankx for usin this loop for the great way as this project!

Respect, Danke
SikNoiz 15th Feb 2015 17:09 -  9 years ago

on Heavy Growl Bass by Nocturnax
I really dig this.