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doing some house cleanin
  • From : Dalian, China
  • Joined : Thu 24th Jan 2008, 13 years ago

Loops 176 - 200 of 267

Description : nice bass drum kicks that makes u want to crank up ur subs

Description : build up plain synth

Description : bass kick deep and some hi hats.

Description : like some alien sound

Description : as the name suggests

Description : as the name suggests

Description : slow hard kicks and claps

Description : like the name says

Description : like a woman in pain musically

Description : more violins

Description : a long hi pitched guitar loop

Description : boncas

Description : pianos going crazy!

Description : 12 bit sound mixed with some orchestra element

Description : some strange melody.

Description : some squelchy synth sound

Description : trancy

Description : synth drums

Description : hard core kicks, like we will rock u

Description : interesting buble bear sounds

Description : piano

Description : a somewhat hip-hppy drum from the track trance along

Description : synth 2 from trans along

Description : some trancy synths from the track trans along

Description : a lil variation at the end

Loops 176 - 200 of 267
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