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Description : High singing choirs made in Nexus some few effects

Description : Ringing Bells made in Nexus. Could be used for any type of hip hop.

Description : Hit Brass made in nexus. Perfect for all genre could filter out frequencies you dont want.

Description : From an old project. Made with Hypersonic
Best for EDM, Pop, House...

Description : Deep rolling bass made with Massive. No effects just raw for any type of genre you wish
Could be use in Dance, Electronic, House...

Description : Hard hitting 808 kick. No snare/clap, hat, chant... nothing at all just raw 808 kick. I noticed only few of such exist in here so here is one more

Description : I made this for my current project but doesnt sync so im sharing it out here for anyone.
Deep long 808 with a short kick

Description : Ok remake of "Strings and Bells" this time without the bells. Heavy deep string made with Nexus
I separated it so just filter out frequencies you don't need

Description : Made with sytrus in FL studio. Gated supersaw with no effects

Description : High Plucks with a smooth piano to give it a vibrant sounding.
Tweak and turn to your preference and leave a link to your creation if possible.

Description : Heavy leading hit. Made with nexus with no effects
Leave a link to your creation when used

Description : Digital Piano keys made with Massive with a little compression.
leave a link in case used

Description : This is from one of my old projects. Raw orchestra hit with no effects for easy use.
Tweak and turn to your desire, leave a link to what you did with it

Description : I have been searching for something like this but couldn't so I decided to make one and share.
If used, then leave a link to what you did with it.

Loops 1 - 14 of 14
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