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Description : i like playing zelda

Tags : | Hip Hop | 3.86 MB | FL Studio

Description : whoever is the owner of this loop, thank you very much.

Tags : | Fusion | 3.76 MB | Featured

Description : Kinda reminds me of Zelda. lol. I used loops from ricobeats prioritybeats and dripchord. please take a moment to listen to my other tracks on my profile. and feel free to comment.

Description : NEED HELP!!! So Im really looking to make a Zelda Music video to this track I made. I want to have a bunch of footage from Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild the videogame (and other Zelda games) to go along with my lyrics. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED in collaborating with me on this video PLEASE CONTACT me. THIS could be a HUGE THING with Nintendo Switch and Zelda still being hugely relevant going into 2018. email me at or message me on here looperman. Thanks for the continue love and respect everyone.

Tags : | Dubstep | 1.90 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : Wub Wub

Tags : | Trance | 4.69 MB

Description : One of my favorite track from Zelda 3 in my style, thanx for listening!

Tags : | Trance | 8.44 MB

Description : Hi i made another remix of a populair Zelda track that i love, hope you like it :)
Listen to Song of Storms here https://www.looperman.com/tracks/detail/177996

Tags : | Trap | 8.79 MB | Has Lyrics

Description : SoundBooce: Wait

Looperman: ur on it

Loops Provided by : AtlasBlue

Tags : | Electro | 1.12 MB

Description : A little remix of The main Zelda's over world theme.I try to do something new for my self.

Description : Just a short remix to a great game!

Tags : | Chill Out | 2.98 MB

Description : loop: 1153063-0079485-nocturnax-edm-vocal-drop-2; 1018967-0078065-atlasblue-the-legend-of-zelda-trapbeat-full; 1153063-0079478-nocturnax-edm-vocal-drop-1; 1153063-0079475-nocturnax-electro-house-synth-chords-1; 0711069-0071254-kristijann-trap-drumbeat-128bpm

Tags : | Dubstep | 6.66 MB

Description : This is old. I made this in March. But I never uploaded it to this website, so I felt like doing it now.

The tune of the remix comes from a game called Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and it's a really great game.
Even thought the whole song is about 12 seconds long, and I think 8 beats long, the secret is reversing the main chords.

Tags : | Dubstep | 4.22 MB

Description : For anyone that does not know, this tune comes from a game, called Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. And for those that do know, I hope you enjoy!

Description : Remix of the Song of Time from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Tags : | Dubstep | 3.18 MB

Description : A dubstep remix of the Kotake and Koume theme form the game Zelda - Ocarina of Time. Please leave comments, enjoy. :)

Tags : | Orchestral | 4.60 MB

Description : Zelda Goin Ham

Tags : | Drum And Bass | 5.33 MB

Description : Just something I made pretty quickly, it loops perfectly so if you do that then you have never ending awesome.

Tags : | Trance | 692.65 KB

Description : This is my Zelda mix I'm working on, just wanted to get some feedback to see how I'm doing. This is the first track that I have ever made with Reason.

Tags : | Rap | 4.22 MB

Description : This is a beat I collabed with my friend College Boi on. It has a rap/pop feel to it slightly sounds like it could be something out of Zelda or some other video game. Although I went for a black and yellow type of sound on the saw. I thought of Wiz when we first started it, we put some nice effects in to. It's pretty dope, check it out for yourselves and tell me what you think. If you would like to get this without tags email me @

Tags : | Hip Hop | 2.81 MB

Description : Made this one for fun using a few samples, let me know what you think.

Tags : | Ambient | 5.40 MB

Description : so this may not be the ultimate zelda medley, but it was really fun to make. I basically compiled all my favorite songs from several zelda games and created a piano medley using nothing but a piano vst. This is basically a custom arrangment of each song because I created each tune from what I remembered. I didn't have to look up any of these to remember how they sounded, so they aren't perfect to where they are exactly note for note. I hope there are plenty of zelda fans out there cause this is a completely nostalgic peice :). Long live the hero of time!

Songs are played as followed:

-The Legend of Zelda Theme
-The Legend of Zelda dungeon theme
-Zelda II Adventures of Link dungeon theme
-LoZ: Ocarina of Time Kakariko Village theme
-LoZ: Twilight Princess Midna's Lament
-LoZ: Ocarina of Time Zelda's theme
-LoZ: Ocarina of Time Ganondorf's theme
-LoZ: Ocarina of Time Temple of Time theme
-LoZ: Ocarina of Time Bolero of Fire
-LoZ: LoZ: A Link to the Past Castle theme

Some are longer than others, but that about spans the song. Hope you enjoy and have the time to review/comment! (I know it ends abruptly, but it was never technically finished, then I lost the original flp file, *sad face*

Tags : | Techno | 6.11 MB

Description : Techno/Tranceish remix of a song from an amazing game! I made this while trying to learn techniques and programming within reason 4, one of my first full tracks so its pretty old now. Hope you zelda lovers will enjoy it, if there are any of you out there :) Just uploading this one for fun!

Tags : | Hardcore | 3.86 MB | Featured

Description : Breakcore track

Tags : | Classical | 3.66 MB

Description : Original composition by ABÄX~
If you wanna use this please credit me either
with this: -ABÄX-
...or that: abaex
...maybe even my website: www.abaex.de

...Created with MIDI an VSTi for classical music and one for ZELDA retro sounds (this harp thing) but I think you can't hear a Zelda-feeling. If you used this please also post a link to your work as review or something.^^

Tags : | Electronic | 2.92 MB

Description : This is mostly midi tracks that I played and quantized of Kakariko Village village theme from Zelda to an electronic beat. I made this earlier this year, sometime around September.

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