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Tags : | Chill Out | 6.34 MB
Description : Relax to some chill vibes..
Tags : | Hip Hop | 6.71 MB
Description : relax
Tags : | Rock | 15.43 MB | Featured
Description : In the future the worlds population increase may force humans to develop alternative off- world living and working environments aboard satellites and space stations in orbit above Earth. Its easy to imagine a possible daily commute with a bit of Pink Floyd style soundscape. This track arose from a few jam sessions with a keyboard playing friend of mine. Keyboards were made on a Korg M3 and the Arturia Minimoog Prophet V vst. I did the guitar tracks on a strat using various effects- EQ, compressor, Blues Driver, Vibe, Delay, Phaser, Flanger and Chorus and my best efforts to emulate the Gilmore sound and style. Very simple and limited programmed drums and loads of cinematic sound effects that I either created, borrowed from HALO, or downloaded from the internet. I guess this could be listed as Cinematic or Ambient since its not really much of a song. The ending slide guitar was provided courtesy of fellow Looperman PhatKatz. Thanks Burt ! This is the longest track I have made to date. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride up to the...Orbital.
Description : A calming trap track that will relax the soul...unless your soul doesn't do trap drums; Then your outta luck XD
Tags : | Acoustic | 2.28 MB | Featured
Description : Calm acoustic guitar. In this track we use electric and acoustic guitar. If you want use this instrumental commercial, please, write me in e-mail:
Description : Hello again everyone... Here is another track that still has to be done(mixing wise) but otherwise I think for some people that like funky Efx on guitar this is gonna be pretty much it :) ok for now just sit back relax Listen & Enjoy. For some collab or info hit me up here - Stay great and happy all the time people ! Peace yall
Tags : | Blues | 3.78 MB | Has Lyrics
Description : My first recording.Wife on keyboard,Lisa on rhythm guitar, lead and other stuff myself...good tone on the stratocaster.should take you to the islands, just a bit commercial sounding but a nice tune to relax by....would like a comment... even a negative one is fine..... Doc
Tags : | Fusion | 9.74 MB
Description : Sit Back Relax make yourself a martini and just float away!
Description : Hi everyone, I almost forgot about this track...This was made a few months ago, I just found it again and wanted to share it with you guys... Hope youll find this track interesting enough for the ear pleasure. If someone wants some info about this or any other track or if someone is prepared to do sum collab with me,or just wants to use this track..hit me up here - For now just sit back relax Listen & Enjoy... Peace yall
Description : Hi everyone. This is a new track that could be described as the title says...gangsta and not just because it sounds like it but it makes the picture look like one. Hope youll find your self in this one... If someone is ready to collab or wants this track for rec.. just hit me up on my mail - For now just sit back relax Listen & Enjoy ! Peace yall
Tags : | Ambient | 17.04 MB
Description : GROOVY
Description : Hey everyone... Here is the new track I just uploaded for the stressed out people, out there who are working and doing whatever is necessary for them... so you can relax a bit with the track... But its not all that chill... Hope youll like it as much as I do. For some collab or some info just hit me up here - For now just sit back relax Listen & Enjoy ! Peace yall, have a great day every day .
Description : Hey everyone, how you doing..? Happy new year with th delay :P Here is one beat for this cold winter days... Hope youll like it and do sum with it. For some info contact me here - For now just sit back relax Listen & Enjoy ! Peace yall..
Tags : | Chill Out | 8.36 MB
Description : Enjoy.....and relax
Description : Chill out track made earlier in the year. Relax and enjoy.
Tags : | Dancehall | 1.79 MB
Description : Relax
Tags : | Jazz | 5.01 MB | Featured
Description : I wanted to create a soothing sounding beat/melody. It was originally called, Low Forever; but it didn't fell right. Anyway, it has a mix of genres like Smooth Jazz, R&B and Dance. It feels like a track, you would like to relax too.
Tags : | Ambient | 5.04 MB
Description : First music from my newest EP Rainy Christmas. Songs to relax and reflect
Description : anxious how you fit that's in your project.
Tags : | Ambient | 1.49 MB
Description : A fairly old piece. It's relatively simple, but still a pleasure to relax to.
Tags : | Acoustic | 5.85 MB
Description : Relax acoustic music with percussion. In this instrumental you can see a pianino, violin, light percussin and acoustic guitar.
Description : Beats By Glow (very ambient)
Description : Hi there and how are you doing.? This track was supposed to be uploaded before Who I Am track... but now you can combine them together if youll see and hear some sense in this at all. But otherwise have fun listening to this track, hope youll like it as much as I do... Sit back relax, Listen & Enjoy! For some more info or some colab.. contact me here -- Have a great day yall ! Peace
Tags : | Chill Out | 6.81 MB | Featured
Description : This is my first production in a couple of years good to be back on Looperman. This is a smooth jazz, chill, thinking song that features acoustic piano as the backbone and I have constructed 3 synthesizer riff and solos to reflex the Thinking aspect. So if you have had a bad or a great day take 3:43 seconds to relax, reflect and when someone ask what you are doing say "Just Thinking" Fil√£ofsoul
Description : I continue working, but in first wersion FL studio have some BAGS and my processor (CPU) wake UP to Fucking 110 % and i can't hear any sound, thats why i relax and write another wersion of first and call It - 2, Bitch/ Dance, this is in hip hop grouup, but sounds like radio version/
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