20th Jan 2021 03:02 - 3 years ago
Description : Electric guitars and synth myself, mangled Shakespeare from my better half. Bass, percussion and accoustic guitar loops from LM: danke-percussive-loop; psychotropiccircle-fretless-112-01; psychotropiccircle-fretless-bbm-80; fanto8bc-stones-and-bottles; weird-percussion-sounds; ferryterry-160-bpm-acoustic-guitar

Comments (24)

If you have time take a listen and give Zootman some feedback.

Pnnywze 21st Oct 2023 12:06 - 9 months ago
Whoa bro how'd I miss this one? I really enjoyed it all the way through
Zootman replied 21st Oct 2023 - 9 months ago
Cheers man. This is an early one but a personal favourite. Got my wife on the mic, nutting off and not at me for a change lol. I've been off the loop so haven't checked your latest sorry, nor come up with stems to send you. Because we're away at the moment, at a big family reunion plus works got insane. The joys of being self employed, you don't want to turn down work! I'll get there sometime...
rockoff 25th Aug 2021 20:15 - 2 years ago
soundz like the zappa family instrumentle
Zootman replied 26th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago
hey D, welcome back. thanks for that.
dimestop 24th Aug 2021 23:15 - 2 years ago
Great track from you and the Mrs bro, the bass is fire, bit of danke, you sharing the love, great acoustic play out, top job mate
Zootman replied 26th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago
yo, thanks mate.
sirefox 24th Aug 2021 19:56 - 2 years ago
Buen tema amigo zootman2u, algo psicodélico, y sonidos muy interesantes, me encanta como introduces las voces de la mujer mezcladas con las risas, le dan un encanto especial. Buenas noches amigo mío y salud y paz en el mundo.
Zootman replied 26th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago
ha, yes that's me cracking up in the background. and i do my best not to be the subject of my wife's wrath!
CelestiaAngel777 24th Aug 2021 12:25 - 2 years ago
Now this is different, this place is somewhat of an asylum with a lot of talent though...lot of strange things happening but hey back to this mind trip of a track. Very innovative and far out. Good Work! here in any case. Keep up the good! work! Kudos.
Zootman replied 26th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago
thanks so much for the listen and comment, means a lot. strange days all round I'd say.
3days 24th Aug 2021 00:29 - 2 years ago
Diggin this
Zootman replied 24th Aug 2021 - 2 years ago
yo, thanks mate a bit of fun on a rainy day. we're back in lockdown in nz so its kind of relevant again! Not that I mind, we got a big garden and plenty of places to walk and ride a bike. enjoy the peace actually. take care.
T576 22nd Jul 2021 05:14 - 2 years ago
A very good get away from it all track. I liked the sneak attack at the end with the acoustic guitar. Smooth sound. PEACE. T576 OUT.
Zootman replied 23rd Jul 2021 - 2 years ago
thanks for that. yep my wife is good at venting sometimes.
Indieground 9th Jul 2021 15:56 - 3 years ago
I dig that atmosphere and particulary the vocal mate
Nice sounding too
Zootman replied 15th Jul 2021 - 3 years ago
thanks mate, my wife does a good lunatic impression sometimes.
pseudoble 1st Jul 2021 23:51 - 3 years ago
Smiling - really good AGAIN - almost sounds like it's going to take off into a fresh tune at the end there - would be an excellent intro but stands alone too
Always like the accent - many friends that side of the ditch
Zootman replied 15th Jul 2021 - 3 years ago
thanks man, you still in lockdown i wonder.
altinb 22nd Feb 2021 12:05 - 3 years ago
felt it to the core
Zootman replied 2nd Mar 2021 - 3 years ago
Thanks, hopefully it made u smile
Nodog 6th Feb 2021 17:33 - 3 years ago
Nice one and different from the norm here at looperman i enjoyed it immensely looking forward to the next one best regards.
Zootman replied 7th Feb 2021 - 3 years ago
Different is what I like to hear! Cheers for the listen and comment
theHumps 31st Jan 2021 06:21 - 3 years ago
I was just watching a vid on Gibson tv on their youtube channel, they interviewed Dweezil Zappa and he explained how his father came up with all his unique sounds and how he frankensteined so many instruments to complete the track to perfection. I can appreciate this track more after having just watched that. Fun and interesting to listen to.

Zootman replied 31st Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
Thanks Wayne, since a few people have ref'd zappa with this track i thought i'd better check some out (not having listened to him at all before). I think i see the link, though entirely flattering. by the way, did i see someone say that you were a surfer in another comment somewhere? me too for about 30 years!
NikoLayZe 27th Jan 2021 22:46 - 3 years ago
I feel it!

Zootman replied 9th Feb 2021 - 3 years ago
thankyou, that profile picture of yours looks good enough to eat.
phantomproduction 26th Jan 2021 14:21 - 3 years ago
very well built and very original your composition, a good part of bass at the end and a very good guitar sound, what happiness!
Zootman replied 26th Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
Thanks heaps. aye it was a crackup. funny thing was she had no idea what music she was speaking to! I just handed her the mic cause she was criticizing me.
RitajustRita 26th Jan 2021 13:48 - 3 years ago
Call it weird..i think its very special.
Nice work!!!
Sunbeats 26th Jan 2021 11:47 - 3 years ago
I need a little weird from time to time. I really like it. Thanks.
0Equinox0 23rd Jan 2021 06:12 - 3 years ago
I have the weirdest sensation going on inside my ears right now, it's making my hairs stand up!
Zootman replied 23rd Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
the hairs inside your ears??!!
Jynxz 23rd Jan 2021 04:25 - 3 years ago
I've used that Bass loop before. Sounded better on your track. The ending was interesting.
Great track.
Zootman replied 23rd Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
I checked out a bunch of those pyschotropic circle guys work and they did some interesting stuff. Don't seem to be active now on LM maybe. Like to hear how you used the bass loop - is it on LM still?
W0UNDEDBUFFAL0BEATS 22nd Jan 2021 18:26 - 3 years ago
Haha this is groovy as f**k. Kudos
Zootman replied 23rd Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
thanks man appreciated
CINCOCENT 21st Jan 2021 08:04 - 3 years ago
I Know This falls in the weird genre but all the choice of sounds in the vocals they all run together real smooth. Good job
Zootman replied 23rd Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
cheers man, appreciate the listen and comment
smallpaul 21st Jan 2021 07:49 - 3 years ago
Light relief, yes please! Thanks for posting this, its genius! Keep them coming!Is light relief a new genre?? I hope so!
Zootman replied 23rd Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
cheers mate, you're very kind. Hope things in merseyside are ticking along as well as possible.
xstokes 20th Jan 2021 21:53 - 3 years ago
cheers man! dig that before-and-after-science groove and the lyrical theme is soooo on point! very cool sounds!
Zootman replied 21st Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
Well if u can't laugh you'd have to cry, or worse.
Danke 20th Jan 2021 08:13 - 3 years ago
bloody brilliant ... feels like Zappa's experiments ...

fistbump, Danke
randomuser13 20th Jan 2021 04:25 - 3 years ago
oof that's nice man!!
Zootman replied 20th Jan 2021 - 3 years ago
cheers, had some fun with this one. attempted antidote

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