Description : Fiery Spoken Word Poetry over a hot uptempo hip hop beat letting the today's young lions know that they have a chance at making a change in their lives
and society by Spoken Word Poet Kamal Imani

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You Got the Power
You got the power

young lion
There was a time when you and nature were 1
you once revered the sun
you once ruled the planet
When the children of the ice saw you they panicked
so they devised a plan, to crucify the sun of man
they tricked you, trapped you
and put you in a cage
in a far a way land,
made you other than, a father, protector, chieftan Warrior man
and made you a slave
So they've, intentionally segregated miseducated
took away your history and created a self hatred
for a people who in the annals of history have made, the greatest
contribution to civilization
Just look at Khemit Kush, so called egyptian and eithiopian nations
Look at Songhai, Mali, Ghana, and Timbuktu
The greatest sciences, math, writing, language, and what have you
came from you
your ancestors
so may god bless ya
to finally stop acting like a chain of fools
and instead, unite the street organizations
into legal hustle corporations
They brought out the tanks in Ferguson
and they have thousands of empty coffins waiting
for you, when you don't think before you move
so don't trap like a fool.

Young lion
what else can I say to you?

Before I let go
I want you to know
that somebody loves you
I love you
and so does the most high
so make a change on this planet
and make a legacy before you die!
You can do it
you fly
Young lion!
Just set a goal, visualize and keep on trying!
and they won't be able to stop you
they'll be no denying!
Young lion

You Got the Power
You got the power



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