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Tags : | Dance | 4.70 MB

Description : Only loops used here: Blazins bass wave kta chopped formant mintone galaxy karatune adventus pads reflexaudiotech1 chords salook sound trak wojciechowski samba baseelements electro hip hop beat.
Vocals uploaded by DjGhostSweden.
The bass is apparently killing the track here, need to look in to that later...

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  1. wojciechowski
    wojciechowski on Thu 8th Jan 2015 - 6 years ago

    Cool to hear my sample in it, nice work! :)

  2. beerling1970
    beerling1970 on Tue 1st Jul 2014 - 7 years ago



  3. Salook
    Salook on Sat 28th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    honoured to have one of my loops used in such a quality track, great arranging, digging those vocals, sweet work on my headphones on here and they handling that rumbly bass nicely..takes nothing away from the rest of the goodness in here, good work!

  4. deciBel
    deciBel on Fri 27th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    SJ just about what U've called '' somewhat boring chill part'' in reply to Staticnomad , I should say I'm agree with U , and I think : 1_ U've composed this in one day ,and that's not enough time for a serious composition ,otherwise U've solved the matter of upbeat soOo easily if another time , another mood , another patiency of yours had paid attention to it . 2_ some times we can make listener to listen our traX again & again...again again & again , & that's when we don't let all things to be repeated..for example if a theme is nice for a listener & can entertaining him/her for 15 minutes , this will be our choice = 3 times a 5minutes duration track ...or 5 time a 3 minutes duration ..especially about loop used traX & cause we know relevancy of the duriation & inteligence quotient
    beyond all these words I congratulation to U for being a smart musician SJ.excuse me for 2 long comments & in the end again my best wishes .___B

  5. deciBel
    deciBel on Fri 27th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    as usual your traX sounds stylish , nice & chic &
    U portary your musical expressions in an artistic way SJ .
    super nice & a thoughtfull & considered mixture of the various elements .
    SJ hope U know my faved marks is not because of the time U've started music and if those trax that I've faved in your traX belonged to Bear or Ed( as 2 throughbred musician) too I had marke them as fav & for example regarding this one your Aestetical composition is the reason & charlene is right about listening this is car while going to job like what I'll do about it & I'm gratefull of your download premission too . else & beside i suggest U to think about an online course of mix & mastering SJ ...your musical style sounds so differenT & better by a better mix & mastering and also especially an exclusive equalizing about the loops which U're using them , a scientific equlizing for a unique quality of those sounds , exclusively for SJ's traX..that's what I mean ( and what I needed if I hadn't left music for myown's trials too) ..
    anyway thnx for sharing your tallents phenomenal SJ , take care ,best wishes.__B

  6. radioilluminati
    radioilluminati on Fri 27th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Sounds interesting and I like what you have done. Great kick.

    2 thing I noticed that can help you make it better. Learn about frequency sweeping, because there are some high frequencies that irritates the ear. This is how you find them and eliminate them.

    And you have to cut the lower part of the frequency of the bass so it does not make this weird sound.

  7. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Fri 27th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Greetings. Not sure why you’re surprised I liked the track enough to write a comment. Quite a few other people also have!

    “That's a surprise considering how picky you are”

    Yes, picky is a good thing. I know you listen to some of my tracks, sometimes favouriting them but rarely commenting on them, so you know how complex and detailed they are. They don’t get that way without a lot of time-consuming work that takes a longtime. I sit there and really pick apart anything and everything that bothers me and try to correct it and have got pretty good now at removing most things that bother me.

    Sometimes when I’m searching for inspiration for one section, but it’s not coming, I just go and adjust various levels, automate some effects units, smooth out any audio pops from the many guitar parts that I join together and so on.

    If you’re exhausted by ‘afterwork” with tracks just leave them for a while (weeks/months) and work on somthing else more immediately enjoyable. When you come back, you should be able to quickly spot what needs to be done.

    Audio pops in tracks like yours normally come from people arranging samples side by side but not crossfading the levels between them. In Cubase (the main DAW I use), you just select two audio parts and press one key to do the crossfade.

    I never would have guessed these are male vocals. Repitching has worked out well. Men can sing like women but I never seem to hear women really singing like men. Probably an anatomical reason for that.

    Reverb isn’t awful. Just could be more powerful if it wasn’t all turned uop so high all that time. Use it at the top level to emphasise certain parts and tunr it down for other sections.

    I also prefer the chillout sections in this track.

    Good luck.

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Picky is good!
    I guess I'm just expecting to hear something else than you guys, the upbeat parts (which I myself by the way absolutely prefer over the somewhat boring chilled parts =D) sounded a lot more melodic and tonal in the DAW.

    The bass and sub bass are eating up A LOT of space. But I guess it becomes a part of the sound for those who haven't heard this any other way.
    I just presumed that you would pick up on that because the sound quality is really bad in those parts.

    I wonder why the rendering process does that anyway? Altering the sounds this way. Maybe I'm having wrong presets or just doing something very wrong.

    Also, I'm not able to listen to my songs on the computer after rendering because it shuts down the whole system in some way (oh don't ask, I have no idea what the problem is, probably just the computer slowly dying) so in order to hear the final product I need to upload the song here or on Soundcloud.
    It's a surprise every time to hear what happend in the rendering process. =)

    About the pops - no, it's definitely the sub bass hitting the floor right before the layerd kicks come in. I know where I placed them.

    That crossfading feature messed up all my loops in a song ones, so I never used it since but I'll check in to that again. I shoud probably learn how to use it.

    I guess you have an interest in the technical side which I really don't have that much.
    I also prefer doing things and then leaving them and never come back. An old song is like...OLD to me, not interesting anymore.
    That song I made three days ago, with Maaka singing, is feeling old an uninteresting already! And this only happens to my own songs, it's not a problem with music created by others.
    I think I'm too concentrated when working with this and then my brain just shuts down after a while and wants to move on to other new melodies and rhythms...

    And I do hear all the flaws, very much so even.

    Well, thanks for wishing good luck, I'll need it.

  8. Cestevens1783
    Cestevens1783 on Fri 27th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hey! This is amazing! I just want to get up and move ha, truly in awe here. The way you did the vocal is awesome as well. Can't wait to rock out to this in my car on my way to work tomorrow morning. :)

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Haha thanks.
    Drive carefully though (well I'm sure you do, just mum talking here...).

  9. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    I hope you don't mind the multiple comments but wow really a man huh? That's crazy tweaking with the vocals then, I can hardly tell. The bass wasn't much of an issue with me, and trust me I'm BIG on bass.

    But i understand what peril was trying to say in his critique, the rest of the track would definitely flesh out more with an edit to the bass. I didn't think this was even possible for the longest time a year or two ago. (Used to suck at mixing bass)

    And a girl told me women were going to take over the world once. So are you planning world domination too or just a takeover of music V Solana style?

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    No, music is just a little tiny part of it - it's world domination we are after (yes a multiple "we", there are of course a huge amount of women just waiting for the right moment to make the move.)
    (Funny they haven't contact me at all yet, though? But that's a minor issue. The Day Will Come.)
    (Yes I'm sure.)

    So, yeah it's a man singing.
    Infact, this is a part of the world domination plan, all men are turning in to women.
    I'm making it happen as we speak. We are starting with altering your voices.

    Oh god I need to sleep. =D

  10. soundhound
    soundhound on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    You guy's are just off the wall with some of this stuff but it ain't nothing
    but some music...So it's all good...

    Real nice touch....Peace...TG.

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hahaha yes it's definitely off the wall!!

    Thanks for listening.
    /SJ =)

  11. steve010101
    steve010101 on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Oh, wow, this track is amazing. The juxtaposition of the sounds in the intro was magical. I especially liked the first third of this track, amazingly atmospheric. I personally prefer the chillout vibe more than the upbeat sections, but I'm just being picky.

    Dare I say this is in my top 3 tracks I've personally heard on looperman? YES!


    Kind regards,


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hi again Steve!
    Funny you should write about your top 3 - I've just recently found a new all time favourite on this site: your song "Two Seasons".
    Really, really ADORE that song, it even grows the more I listen to it (and I'm one of those crazy people who listen to the same songs for dayes and sometimes weeks, over and over again).
    So you liking a song of mine, even for a moment, is a huge compliment, thank you!

    Take care!
    / SJ =)

  12. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Greetings. Bit of a crazy, far out intro but I like it.

    I can hear a big audio edit pop at 0:07 so could do with being smoothed out.

    Then it kicks in to a decent clap-led beat and a something that sounds a bit like udu drums - an interesting type of drum.

    Vocals are rather beautiful and there are some big, far out pads.

    1:16 big audio pop as a new sample comes in. Then a big trance lead.

    1:47 I like the space here when the trance lead drops out. Allows me to hear beat better.

    I like the heavy reverb vocal but maybe there's too much at times. Not a problem - just might be good to vary it a bit in places (if you can).

    3:29, 3:32 and 3:42 big audio pops.

    It's a good piece of music and my main suggestions are to remove all audio pops and perhaps look to turn down the reverb in places. Will be more powerful when you bring it back in big. And it's fun to sculpt it.

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hello Static!

    So you actually liked this enough to write a comment! That's a surprise considering how picky you are, and the sound quality is more than terrible in this track.

    I was listening after the audio pops and I think it's the sub bass dropping that makes that popping sound.

    The reverb on the vocals (male vocals by the way - repithed and altered by me) is easily fixable, I'll look in to that also when remixing this - hopefully in the near future.
    (I'm trying to catch up with a lot of afterwork with a lot of songs and it feels a little exhausting really...the fun part being the composing and putting together a new soundscape and creating melodies. All the other technical stuff is less fun obviously. But I'm on it.)

    Thanks for taking your time and for the feedback!!
    Cheers/ SJ =)

  13. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Oh, nevermind i see the vocals are from DJghostsweden..but I don't see any acapella's on the only ghostsweden's profile on this site. Just googled the name too.


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    I was also seeking for them in order to link to them from here but he must have taken them down for some reason.

  14. GramoChopin
    GramoChopin on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Great track here, keen usage of looperman loops. Probably like this better than your other track. Vocals by you? Ethereal. This song isn't really weird, more electronic and dance. So women are taking over huh? hmph, I like the sound of it. Can you ladies take it the next level though? ;) I'll be honest with you, I've usually known this right away. You might win my challenge, I actually love how this is pieced together. I have a thing for dreamy female vocals too, I'm HIT. Right in the feels. Faved and downloaded. Peace


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    So I might win but now that you know it's not me singing I might not anyway?

    Well, that's the closest I've ever been to winning in a music competition of any kind so I'm content with that too - to almost maybe win.

    Really nice to hear that you liked this, I think this could be my new favourite song of all the songs I made so far(I kind of hate a lot of them too). But that bass issue needs to be fixed and there is some mixing issues and I haven't really mastered this at all (because that's the most boring part and I don't really know how to do it anyway).
    Yada yada...

    Oh about the vocal - It's actually a man singing, I just pitched it and altered the tempo and some other things.
    So much for the ethereal, dreamy female singing here but that's what I had for the moment so I altered it to sound the way I wanted it to sound and it turned out pretty good, right!

    I was thinking about us women taking over in V. Solanas style but just because you're being this manageable I think we are going to do it in a more friendly way. The next level is coming any day now.
    Bare with.

    SUDDENSHIFTOFFICIAL on Thu 26th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    wow this is beautiful, so magical you really took me away with this I'm stunned, I would compress the kick and side chain it above the bass with a small release time of maybe 1 - 1.20
    and it will come right through the bass then it's not a problem at all :)
    I love this the vocals played a big part too they were mixed perfectly.
    thanks for the free DL & well done !

    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Thanks for the advice!! Have to try that. How do you guys know this technical stuff, anyway? It's the boring side of this production bussiness, to remember all that technical gibberish.

    Really glad you liked this though, I imagined that it would be too far off for most people here.

    Thanks for the feedback!
    / SJ =)

  16. Danke
    Danke on Wed 25th Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    Hello SJ!

    Serious track with your progressivity...electro and trance, dance elements?
    Yeah, that bass is interesting...:-)
    Full credit to you about the 'making music without borders' mentality...

    Respect, hope all is well


    Reply by SeriouslyJoking

    Hi Danke!
    This one is for the Looptrack competition and I made it today. And it really has big issues with the bass totally taking over!!
    That's not what I heard in the DAW...anyway, no matter, it's all just for fun.

    Take care Danke!
    / SJ =)

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