17th Aug 2008 04:26 - 15 years ago
Description : Mix between minimal beats and IDM ambiant.
The computer in charge of travelling discover its own sound and realise the sound it produce in space, listen at its own echo, then change note, change tempo. But at the same time the master computer alert is getting heard. A life form has been detected, the space ship will investigate.
Designed beat sound heavily with eq and compression, just got that Moog pack from propellerhead refill and it just rocks... Pure sounds thanks to mighty Thor. Then this tutorial about Time Stretching thanks to NN19 Sample Start. Makes this voice going at different speed with the same pitch... This is my first track guys and the second is already ready in my mind like a concept album lol, please be gentle :D

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If you have time take a listen and give Eurosam some feedback.

dJcLiFf 19th Aug 2008 00:50 - 15 years ago
This track is straight, (I'm with the others on the Glitch genre), but I think if people like Gabber, then someone will like this because it's trippy. The beat really doesn't need anything, just a break from it and let your synth do the talking you know? I say that because the pad you use is really relaxing and should be allowed a solo. sTrAnGe
Krook 18th Aug 2008 04:00 - 15 years ago
Well done for your first track, I have not really listened to this genre of music very much so I do not know much about it, but I did feel it needed a bit more variation in the track, But it is a good start. I will be watching for your next track.
DaMann 17th Aug 2008 14:22 - 15 years ago
If you are into glitch you could check out my track Mary, sadly I am to lazy to post a link, but you should find it.

Too your track, I love the vocals, along with glitch, and IDM. A little slow for IDM, but this is a great first track, you don't want to hear mine.
Great job!

DonnieVyros 17th Aug 2008 06:17 - 15 years ago
Be first, why? Haha, ok so here we go...

The beat's nice and I like the way ya got the synth all subdued. It's remindin me of the way a Vacuum cleaner sounds from across the house. Isn't that weird, yah. Dunno why, but that's what popped into my head. Childhood memories of playin with toys on the floor in my room with my mom out in the livin room cleanin up. And those vocal samples're killer. Kinda keeping in pace with that Transformers vibe that I periodically embrace. Keep 'em comin mate. Later on!

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Description : 0302 update: File changed.


As its my 17th birthday today, gonna release this in advance.

Several Looperman loops used. Thx!
Lyrics are written by me. Vocal parts were made in Synthesizer V using ChiYu's vocalbank.
The DAW is Soundbug.

Love from Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.
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