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Tags : | Chill Out | 3.73 MB

Description : Greetings all. Still new to Looperman but am finding it quite useful and fun to be on.
I just finished a project called Moon Song in cunjunction with cufool's wonderful loops, and am uploading now. It is a compilation of loops by:
cufool: Moon Background, Moon Melody, Moon Pad, Moon Arp, Moon Sub Bumps (love the base), Pocket Love, Dubstep Rise, and Dance dnb bells.
Sounli: Karolis Soundly beat 2
JamieVega: Offbeat Weird Dub Chords.
Hope you all enjoy. Let me know what you think.
Didn't see a new age Genre so I'm listing it under Chill Out
Mr. P

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  1. sonofthriller2
    sonofthriller2 on Fri 22nd Nov 2019 - 1 year ago

    I Love it !!

  2. joeparisi1
    joeparisi1 on Fri 27th Feb 2015 - 6 years ago

    Absolutely love this!

    Reply by mystirP

    sorry so long to reply...lost my way there for a while...

  3. HeroForMyPC
    HeroForMyPC on Tue 6th Jan 2015 - 6 years ago

    2012? Not bad. Do you think in your opinion that you have improved over the years?

    Reply by mystirP

    Does wine get better with age?
    Love the stuff..

  4. skyrider
    skyrider on Wed 3rd Dec 2014 - 6 years ago

    Hey Mr P

    Just had a listen .. this is a great track. I started out downloading from Looperman and mixing in acid pro 4 myself .. and for the same reason too.. to relax. What I like about this track is that its chilled but its uplifting. Looking forward to hearing more of your work. Mik

    Reply by mystirP

    sorry so long in the reply skyrider.
    I kinda lost my way there for a bit.
    Thanks for the listen and I love stitchin loops and sitting back and listening to what I've composed the way I want it to sound. Relaxing..

  5. ZEE
    ZEE on Sat 1st Nov 2014 - 6 years ago

    Great work on this mystirP & CUFOOL. I have been working with the 'moon' loops within many projects and this track definitely does justice to the loops created by CUFOOL. Any chance of this track being available to download once again?
    Well done

    Many thanks

    Reply by mystirP

    Hey ZEE. Thanks for the kewl review. It does mean a lot to me. I had so much fun making this. CUFOOL's loops had been in my downloaded loop banks for some time and I was actually working on another piece and ran across this one and well....I began playing them and they actually fit so good where they are now...couldn't come up with anything to call it other than what it's called.
    In short, I've unlocked it. You still have to make a comment then you can download it.
    Thanks again.

    Mr. P

  6. Qtstrm357
    Qtstrm357 on Mon 2nd Jun 2014 - 7 years ago

    This is super sick man Great Job on this

    Reply by mystirP

    Thanks for the comment Qtstrm357. I've unlocked this one after comments if want this one.


  7. Cufool
    Cufool on Thu 2nd Aug 2012 - 8 years ago

    Man, I love it! It reminds me of the times I created each loop in the past year.
    I tried to put together a song with the "moon" set I made, it was nowhere close to this good!
    Also, you did a nice job with the mastering, I know it can be pretty tricky at times.

    I think Ill post a link to this track on the loops so people can get a good idea how to use them.

    Reply by mystirP

    Oh wow. Thanks Cufool. I am more than honored by this. I really am especially proud of this tuneage because it, well, it's the most downloaded song I've compiled since being on Looperman and you sir Cufool have some awesome loops in here. I mean each one by itself just, well are really good, and when combined to accent the other, Moon Song just seemed to be the correct way to sound. I mean it's like a combination lock so to speak, it took the right twists, turns, and ya go. Link it all you want. It is primarily yours to begin with. I was just glad to be able to whittle the figure out of the wood.

    Mr. P

  8. Soundli
    Soundli on Fri 20th Jul 2012 - 9 years ago

    You should put it also on youtube :)

    Reply by mystirP

    I would but don't have a youtube account. I don't watch youtube very much. Know very little about it.
    I am glad you like the way I used your loop in this one. It fit in just the right place at the right time in the right tempo..

    Mr. P

  9. ckinder3
    ckinder3 on Tue 10th Jul 2012 - 9 years ago

    lol Sounds like a level in MegaMan! This is great! Good work bro!

    Reply by mystirP

    Thank you again ckinder3. cufool has these loops and well, after playing around with them and layering them and stitching them together along with all the other wonderful loops used, this is the result. Has me dancing in my room everytime I listen to it.

    Mr. P

  10. Soundli
    Soundli on Mon 9th Jul 2012 - 9 years ago

    Wow,awesome,i didn't saw you comment on my loop.
    Great idea to connect some people to one song! :)

    Reply by mystirP

    Thanks Soundli. It was a fun tune to arrange and compose. It seems to be pretty popular.
    If I get the chance I'll pop over and listen to some more of your loops. Always new and fresh material for new and fresh ideas.

    Mr. P

  11. Devodale
    Devodale on Thu 5th Jul 2012 - 9 years ago

    Euro-radio ready! Ambient and full. Find a nice female acapella or singer and your golden. Your loop stitching is awesome!

    Reply by mystirP

    This one almost came ready to piece together. Cufool uploaded these and when I heard them I just about went bonkers. I actually heard the song before I put the thing together.
    I use nothing else but loops, Acid Pro 4.0 (antiquated but works great), a Dell Inspiron 1000. That's it. I stack them, layer them, fade them in, fade them out. I listen and listen some more and correct what's not right so that it is dang near seamless. I then play it back over and over while I sleet and believe it or not, during the slumber my mind is actively seeking out what should or shouldn't be there and maybe some other idea will hit me, like panning or upping or downing the volume on one of the loop tracks. Sometimes I have to use only a piece of a loop to get a thump or a bump and the rest of the loop is put back for future use. LOL
    Anywho, (blushing), I like doing it. It's theraputic? for me.

    Mr. P

  12. brillbilly
    brillbilly on Sun 24th Jun 2012 - 9 years ago

    Great use of cufool's awesome loops!

    After hearing how you transformed these in to this Track
    I think i will try different loops, as this is so much better that what i was working win,lol

    good Track man!

    Reply by mystirP

    Greetings again brillbilly. I am shocked and honored by all the kewl comments on this one. I heard the moon pad by cufool and just kept listening over and over and all his moon loops just seem to fit right where they needed to fit. Some are chopped and tweaked to fit better but that's the joy of doing these. You guys here at Looperman are my inspiration. Hope I can do more. This one by far is my best piece yet. Kudo's go to cufool and his masterpieces.

    Mr. P

  13. VickyDan
    VickyDan on Sun 24th Jun 2012 - 9 years ago

    Set of good quality, although a bit repetitive. You have some provisions, and a good musical logic throughout.
    What I hear is very friendly ....
    Keep it up, you are on the right path ...


    Reply by mystirP

    Greetings VickyDan. Dealing with loops only causes the repetitiveness. Can't seem to get a way from it. Still learning believe it or not. I have some ideas and functions on this program I use that I've not tried before. I am a work in progress. I do enjoy this though and will endeavor to persevere. Thank you for the friendly comment. This song had me dancing in my room while making it. LOL

  14. ggarris
    ggarris on Sun 24th Jun 2012 - 9 years ago

    Nice job. :)

    Reply by mystirP

    Thank you. I really enjoyed putting this together. Started this morning and around 4ish I was up dancing and bopping to this one it was so good.

    Mr. P

  15. supersymmetry
    supersymmetry on Sun 24th Jun 2012 - 9 years ago

    Anyone [New or Veteran] to this site that has the manners and decency to list their credits and references deserves a comment and a huge welcome to Looperman. Kudos!

    Good work and Welcome to Looperman! :)

    Reply by mystirP

    Thank you supersymmetry. I forgot to do this with the first piece but not all of the loops came from and it was my first. But after reading some comments on other loops and tracks, I thought it would be best to give credit to where credit is due. Sadly enough, I don't play any musical instruments but know exactly how they should sound and can do miracles with loops. I use an ancient piece of software, Acid Pro 4.0, on an ancient laptop, Dell Inspiron 1000 to this but it is relaxing to me. I've already amassed a sizable loop bank and tinker with them just about every day. Thank you again for the welcome.
    Mr. P

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