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Description : Who is Leila you ask? Montreal's hottest emerging Rnb singer as we speak. With her solid musical resumes (one including a track back in 2007 with Yung Money's Drake), this artist sexy voice literally gave me goosebumps.Worked alongside producer/engineer Seven30 to make this one official - Fl 7xxl+Cakewalk -enjoy!

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    BEATZMODE on Tue 13th May 2014 - 9 years ago

    this is really smooth

  2. SlickazzG
    SlickazzG on Tue 5th Jul 2011 - 12 years ago

    Dammmm, nice one here. I had a listen to practically all of your tracks on here in tha loop n they all dope n I'm lovin tha quality of ya tunez. good show.

    Reply by MaxJC

    Flattered bro - Gotta make sure i bring nothing but solid music for the loopers - The best is yet to come (u've been warned :) - cheers

  3. Brent88
    Brent88 on Sun 3rd Jul 2011 - 12 years ago

    WOW MAN, beautiful vocals and an amazing production to back em up. Truly enjoyed this listen, thank you for sharing :)

    Reply by MaxJC

    Pleasure is mine bro; we gotta keep that feel-good music alive all together - Glad u came thru!

  4. RotenBeats
    RotenBeats on Sun 26th Jun 2011 - 12 years ago

    love this , track the vocals are quality, got a really good voice there man , derfo u need to be found soon ?!!!!

    Reply by MaxJC

    Glad u liked bro and i still got an eye on you for a dubstep collab :) - cheers

  5. RoyaleMuzik
    RoyaleMuzik on Thu 16th Jun 2011 - 12 years ago

    Love a good R&B track, what can I say?! Excellent vocals and harmonies were on point, the lyrics themselves were decent too. What I really enjoyed was the beat itself, really laid back & mellow...reminded me of 90's R&B...something Kelly Price or Mariah Carey would tear up vocally! Production & vocal work is excellent, not sure about the flanger or phaser used towards the end though. Pretty well-rounded track, radio ready; good job!


    Reply by MaxJC

    Thats an excellent overview bro - Def a fan of the 90's era music-wise and most of my prods are based on that time.I'm slowly exploring different routes; your critic is spot on - Glad you liked!!

  6. quays
    quays on Sun 12th Jun 2011 - 12 years ago

    love this track gonna down load for the drive back to london tmw,your right its a very sexy voice many thanks for your review my best regards mick

    Reply by MaxJC

    Glad you liked my man -You don't find those kind of sexy voices every now and then so i was privileged in a way; it was a good musical challenge overall - cheers!!!

  7. Csage7
    Csage7 on Fri 10th Jun 2011 - 12 years ago

    wow! great track..your work is pro..her voice is golden!

    Reply by MaxJC

    Glad u liked bro and yes, she was something! She's currently on tour around France but i'll hopefully get to work on other stuff with her for you guys to listen - cheers!

  8. skandalouz
    skandalouz on Thu 2nd Jun 2011 - 12 years ago

    i love the harmonies on this one bro real nice. if you could hook me up a hook maybe & with our singer zyklon it would sound so good hit me up asap bro

  9. DesignedImpression
    DesignedImpression on Thu 2nd Jun 2011 - 12 years ago

    Finally English!!!! Haha, Wow Leila has a great voice that belongs in this piece. Beat is very smooth and such energy coming out of the speakers! So far I've heard some really cool stuff from you bro. keep the fire burning and the mind imagining!!!

    Have a good 1. Peace.

    Reply by MaxJC

    Yezzir def wanted to push the vocals and make everything else subtle; almost like a heartbeat. Worked like magic so kept it smooth like butta. Glad u came to show the support; don't be no stranger!!

  10. ShadowCompanyEnt
    ShadowCompanyEnt on Fri 20th May 2011 - 12 years ago

    dope man!u HOT i like your still and versatility

    Reply by MaxJC

    Yezzir; always trying to challenge myself prod-wise and have fun with it also.This is what builds you up the best and its all worthed - Thnx for the shout!!

  11. Planetjazzbass
    Planetjazzbass on Wed 18th May 2011 - 12 years ago

    Very cool intro!...man RnB has changed heaps since I was a kid,definitely not Motown this sounds more Lounge Hip Hop! lol..(I can't categorize half the music I hear these days!)it's a great track,very emotive and substantial vocals..I really like the way the instrumentation and beat winds around her voice giving it space and allowing the song to breathe..excellent production! cheers Planet :)

    Reply by MaxJC

    Def flattered by the shout PJ and gotta agree wit ya, music has changed big time (although i remain humble to the ol skool classics for inspiration).I was thinking out the box with Leila since she has this 'cabaret-esque' type of voice; No overkill on the instru also.As you said, letting the vocals breathe is key and nowadays, many tend to make Autotune their weapon of choice...sadly. So glad you came through my man and you're always welcome; cheers!

  12. EndMyPain
    EndMyPain on Mon 16th May 2011 - 12 years ago

    The Music and Voice is amazing :-) Brilliant!

    Reply by MaxJC

    Hey glad u liked and more coming soon - cheers!!

  13. Vicen
    Vicen on Mon 9th May 2011 - 12 years ago

    Wonderful music, production ... and wonderful voice. A great song. A recommended listen.

    Reply by MaxJC

    Yes yes i wanted to set a different mood prod-wise (keep it simple) in order to push Leila's vocals on to the max.Glad to have your support my man!!

  14. JohnBoutilier
    JohnBoutilier on Sun 8th May 2011 - 12 years ago

    THis is fantastic, my friend, I hope to hear more from you and her in the near future.


    Reply by MaxJC

    Cheers for the shout John and you'll def hear more from her. She's currently making noise down in France; she's unmatched as an artist in Montreal - real talent!

  15. JsLsn
    JsLsn on Sat 7th May 2011 - 12 years ago

    By far the best of the 4 tracks you have listed. I said I Was going to review a track before I logged off, I listened to 10 or so, and I chose yours.
    Very well mixed, vocals a tad bit too aggressive and drown out the melody, but the vocalist has a very noticeable voice that can be used on a variety of tracks and genres. The beat is very nice, smooth, nice use of drums...real slick track.

    Keep it up.

    Reply by MaxJC

    Flattered by the shout my man! We had fun doing this one and you can hear more from Leila via www.thisisleila.com - I'll send back the love your way in a few - cheers!!!

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