24th Apr 2011 18:54 - 13 years ago
Description : An amazing collaberation between BratThePsycho and myself. I did Vox and Lyrics and he did the amazing job of taking my poor mic quality and turning it into sumthing awesome!! He even did an awesome music track even without my Vox. Luvd working with him xD

Lyrics and Vox: SuicideJ (aka. Burn The Traitor)
Music: BratThePsycho


Flee the rising sun.
Pretend we are the only ones.
It's shadow is everything.
Covering the king of fiends.
Step out of the light.
Bring back this terriffying truth.

No one asks and no one tells.
We are just bones begging for help.

Silence surrounds the darkness.
Murder is bleeding on the floor.
I can't believe he killed her.
The knife is just a mirror.

No one asks and no one tells.
We are just bones begging for help.
Sunday screams and Saturday night thrills.
Looking in her eyes just gives me the chills.

Countdown the days of hiding.
Her image is frightening.
Make her go away!
Carry my sins far away.

Her face is glowing in the sun.
Her body is burning up.
The dream is fading from my sights.
Now I'm awake and seeking her.

Comments (4)

If you have time take a listen and give SuicideJ some feedback.

Nosleeves 30th May 2011 16:52 - 13 years ago
im loving this hardcore rules man i just finish making one myslef but i never heard quite mixed like this man,rock on with hardcore evil energy maaaaaaaaaaaan
SuicideJ replied Unknown
Lol it's dark but were there's a dark tunnel.. Comes the fire that consumes it xD
JohnBoutilier 22nd May 2011 01:24 - 13 years ago
Damn, this is wonderfully harsh. Love it.


SuicideJ replied Unknown
Lol well I got lucky and wen he said he'd make music for it.. He did!! Most ppl say "yeah I'll make sum music 4 this" then never do but Brat is from France and he pulled it out xD
Ghostzyden 29th Apr 2011 14:23 - 13 years ago
Sick song guys! You should try not to drag the screaming out as much, short bursts of anger sound better lol But I love it and great music to! Fave - Ghostzyden;)
SuicideJ replied Unknown
Thx man!! Brat did a great job on the track and I was happy sum1 culd make sumthing with it lol I'm makin more accapellas but I need a better mic sound quality so I'm lookin into that but it more b awile lol
MStokes 24th Apr 2011 23:49 - 13 years ago
in the tradition of great murder ballads - haunting lyrics, some f*cking delivery - respects
SuicideJ replied Unknown
lol thx!! i think.. lol

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