Tags : | Hardcore | 4.31 MB

Description : Genre:Hardstyle
Program: Fl studio 9

After a few years, I'm back with new projects, soon I'll be posting new songs and loops sharing with you.

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  1. HamsterGuy57
    HamsterGuy57 on Mon 5th Dec 2016 - 5 years ago

    Really nice track! Can we promote it on our channel?

  2. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Fri 25th Nov 2016 - 6 years ago

    What a surprising and fresh comeback within a completely new genre ! I really appreciate your decission to move on
    and try to create something you probably haven't tried before1 And I must admit you did it with excellence !
    Absolitely nice to know that you're preparing more material
    in the near future...can't wait...and yes, this one is a fav !:)

    Compliments and respect_____Orlando

    Reply by Anubis

    Hello my friend.
    Really this song is not the genre I'm used to, but I'm not changing my creation line, so I'll be posting tracks like the old days.
    I am glad that I have liked and favored it.
    Your words are certainly very welcome here.
    We could try a collaboration any day !!!


  3. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Fri 25th Nov 2016 - 6 years ago

    Hi Anubis.

    This is the first track pf yours I've heard in a long time and it's a real surprise to hear. I didn't know you had any interest in this genre of music. And I would not have expected you to make it. Are you still making your usual, ancient, ambient stuff?

    Anyway: this has a very powerful sound that I have to be honest that it's not my preferred style of music.

    0:40 I like the laugh there. A fun bit after that very hardcore kick drum before.

    0:50 makes me think of chillout ambient music but that's not the style so I know the aggressive kick is going to return.

    People will definitely dance to this. It's well produced and my only criticism is that some of the sounds are too aggressive and painful on my ears, such as the very first sound in the track. But I understand that is the style and some people really like it.

    Congratulations on successfully making a completely different style compared to what you normally do. Is this genre your new direction?

    Reply by Anubis

    Hello my friend
    I still continue to create ancient, ambient, cinematic as usual, projects that will follow the same pattern as the ones I posted a few years ago because they are styles that I really like doing, from time to time I will venture into other musical genres like Hardstyle etc.
    Actually, Hardstyle is somewhat heavier, usually they are more energetic and noisy hehe, but it is normal within the genre.
    Some effects are very aggressive, as you mentioned.
    I'm not changing my old route, because [Cinema, Chillout, oldschool game, electronic] are my favorite styles, and soon I'll be posting like the old days.

    Thank you for leaving your review.

    Happy that you're still here to produce music.

    Sorry the English


  4. ValveDriver
    ValveDriver on Fri 25th Nov 2016 - 6 years ago

    Anubis, how's it going?

    It's been a long time since I've listened to any hardcore. After listening to this, I'm trying to remember just exactly why it is I quit listening. This is an awesome piece!

    I like the fact that there are a lot of transitions. I think, that's why I steered away from it, so long ago. It seemed to be TOO repetitive. It seemed like there was 2 minutes of intro, and 1 minute of meat. This one gets right to it, and then keeps you moving through the whole thing. Honestly, I think this one could be doubled in length and it would be even better. The energy level is so high and addictive that it's over too soon. At least, that's my opinion, anyhow.

    Awesome work, and it's good to see you back. (I don't know if you remember Valvedriver, but that's me)

    Take care.

    Reply by Anubis

    I remember that nickname slowly.
    For almost 3 years I have not visited the site.Lol
    Thank you for still leaving your revisions here.
    In the genre, there are really many repetitions, I tried to follow the pattern of the genre somewhat, but I added a lot of transitions, it's something interesting in my opinion.
    This genre is not my custom, but at one time or another, I try something.
    Once again, thanks for taking the time to listen to my music.
    see you.

  5. joecramer
    joecramer on Thu 24th Nov 2016 - 6 years ago

    Great sound and very nice dynamic.
    The mix is really good. I really like what you done here. This tune is so powerful and in a way agressive that it goes straight into the body.

    Good to have you back on Looperman.

    We never seen us before, cause i came here when you already had left the house. But when i looked the first times on the loop section i found some really great stuff there made by yours. I made a track with them and some people told me that a guy called Anubis would like what i had done but like already said i never meet you. Would be nice if you check it out

    I sure will wait for some new fresh things from your hands

    stay tuned

    Reply by Anubis

    Thank you for taking the time to listen to this song, your words are appreciated.
    Soon I will be posting new loops and songs.
    Actually, I ran out of time, and for almost 3 years I did not visit the site to keep up with the news.
    I left a message on your track, and once again, thank you for supporting.

  6. Crypt
    Crypt on Wed 23rd Nov 2016 - 6 years ago

    Awesome! The synth sounds on this song are wicked! It makes me feel like I'm traveling through an inter-dimensional gateway at light speed. Great work on this! Fav'd!

    Reply by Anubis

    Thank you for leaving your thoughts, they are much appreciated.


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