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Description : you can almost smell it.

Description : He's in town, and smiles all around.

Description : bars..

Description : bringing hip hop back to looperman. sup wit all deez synth cats? u know back in my day we played instruments with sporks and cans!

Description : "......"

Description : wot it is

Description : i am count blackula.

Description : it's old, but it still works.

Description : hi, i make music.

Description : Sort of really only supposed to be used for intros, so i put da isht in Fx.

Description : How come whenever you open a new starburst packet, you get like 9 yellows in a row?

Description : pls fix it.

Description : Highly specialized. Definitely needs seaguls, sand and a shoreline.

Description : Highly specialized. Definitely needs cuts, tables and trumpets.

Description : Highly specialized. Definitely needs pads, abstract fx and texture.

Description : I'm back with my overwhelmingly religious church choirs. If you're interested in the others just search for "obsidian choirs".

Description : Sometimes(all of the time) i just press things in fl studio.

Description : Whatever this is...made in fl superi-o. Loops i've done in 20 minutes or less. pls don't h8 this is fun.

Description : digital e-bass and upright bass. made in Fl Guccio 11

Description : digital piano made in FL studioroonies.

Description : Back to remaking some of my older loops. Search for "retro castle" if you want to hear the original. It's cute.

Description : some darKnEzz. add some cuts and turntables to it and it sounds like crispy bacon over warm cheddar.

Description : orange and purples.

Description : I dedicate this to my apprentice in training, liddellc.

Description : This is a Piano. Made in FL.

Loops 151 - 175 of 356
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