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Description : vocal sample with added effects "all right here we go"

Description : a vocal sample with a effects in my monster voice "has i think of you, i miss you"

Description : a vocal sample with effects "please turn up the music"

Description : a odd vocal sample i put together has sort dark sound to it.

Description : a vocal sample with effects. would be a great intro for a show or song

Description : a odd vocal sample with some effects.

Description : voacal sample with effects "zero one"

Description : vocal sample "zero one" one time

Description : a vocal sample of a peek inside a mad mans thoughts

Description : A odd sound i made with a slide whistle

Description : scream like sound that would sound great in a ambient style song

Description : a odd sound i made with my jaw harp

Description : female vocal sample.

Description : Explicit lyrics. Female vocal sample on the odd side.

Description : vocal sample with effects "who are you?"

Description : vocal sample "i don't care about your opinion"

Description : vocal sample with no effect "it's the white rabbit that did it"

Description : vocal sample with some effect added "it's the white rabbit that did"

Description : vocal sample "If you don't like my music i will fight you"

Description : funny computer voice sample

Description : funny computer vocals.

Description : a clean version of a vocal sample "The planet is dead, go home"

Description : a cinematic sample of quick storm with dog bark in the distance. made with korg keyborad.

Description : a cinematic F/X sample . made with korg keyboard

Description : some odd vocals straight no FX
"excuse me sir!"

Loops 26 - 50 of 72
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