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Description : a lil gangsta groove.

see my other loop 'hip hop groove - added vox' for a vocal sample version

Description : a lil gangsta beat, with added vox samples

Description : i altered hip hop groove 1 and gave it similar but different melody and a break

Description : Synth lead hip hop groove

Description : sequenced stabs myself from a VST patch i altered, and added simple phaser and a little reverb.

Description : a mixture of layered pads, strings and delayed synths!

Description : the dubstep loop 5, with added sounds

Description : simple structured 16 beat skeleton good bass punches ;)

Description : grinding distorted kick and hard reverb snare!

Description : a semi high tempo Dubstep beat!

Description : reverb happy loop, with good atmosphere! with a little vox sample i did. the loop has good kick base

Description : layered sequenced guitars with a cut off & color sweep

Description : 16 beat hip hop sequence, with added vocals and a scratch effect!

Description : an 8 beat, 4-4 pattern!

Description : a 16 beat ethnic mix variety beat!

Description : hip hop beat with bass pads!

Description : paced out dubstep beat. with room to add extra hi hats where ever need be!

Description : 16 beat roller, to give more variety! enjoy

Description : made a TS404 patch, and sequenced the beeps, and added delay and reverb.

Loops 26 - 44 of 44
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