12th Dec 2008 07:03 - 15 years ago
Description : reverb happy loop, with good atmosphere! with a little vox sample i did. the loop has good kick base

Comments (22)

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

davidmesapiano 2nd May 2020 16:35 - 4 years ago
Nice one! I am stuck in India because the lockdown and only have my iphone to make musid so i download to have it as a guide to one song i am working on now. Simple and powerfull beat. Thankkkssss!!!
Khouroux 2nd Nov 2018 23:49 - 5 years ago
Thaks for this awesome loop ! I use it in this song:
ChadMojito 13th Oct 2018 20:39 - 5 years ago
Hello! I used your loop in a song!

Thanks :)
mangust890 26th Mar 2018 08:49 - 6 years ago
mangust890 26th Mar 2018 08:47 - 6 years ago
Stylez2938 27th Jun 2017 20:11 - 7 years ago
This was a nice change up way to go just want to say thanks for uploading.
harrygeeves 17th Jan 2014 18:12 - 10 years ago
dubstepwob 28th Jul 2011 02:26 - 12 years ago
/watch?v=FDYIdBZUl2Y swear this is yours? anyways great loop man keep it up xx
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
yep, they have used and chopped 2 of my loops... the end of this one and the hit hats from my first loop!!!

haha thanks man... that is insane.. 18 million views.. stoked!
djlaxa 19th Feb 2011 18:57 - 13 years ago
nice one dude.. keep it up
thirdeye95 7th Dec 2010 19:26 - 13 years ago
Great loop dude! Thanks so much for the upload, managed to use it in one of my songs =D
zhiar 28th Nov 2010 00:34 - 13 years ago
This is great man I really like dubstep...also progressive house
soulsurfer 4th Oct 2010 15:18 - 13 years ago
this is sick m8 im defo gunna use it in college 2 make a track cheers :P
Aragosta 10th Jun 2010 23:00 - 14 years ago
Great one! Just finished a track using it :)
Rosco28 16th Mar 2010 18:15 - 14 years ago
sweet loop, cant wait to try it out! thnx bruv
TEKN 8th Mar 2010 08:37 - 14 years ago
Wickid man thanks a heap
matrixx 20th Dec 2009 16:54 - 14 years ago
you have great ideas. please try and ad more effects to yr drum patterns. i would like to email you some bass lines that would go perfect on this drum beat.
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
Sorry about the late reply.... Here's my email, send me anything you got mate...
Olah 4th Apr 2009 17:43 - 15 years ago
Fantastic collection of 'PROPER DUBSTEP' loops. Nice high's and lows, really fun to play with.
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
thank you my friend!

i jus love making beats when i get one in my head!
Lynol 28th Mar 2009 12:29 - 15 years ago
wicked loops, just what i have been looking for! keep em coming ! great stuff...
joejamin121 4th Mar 2009 15:17 - 15 years ago
haha, is your brother caspa, rusko, skream, benga, reso...?

because your shit hot!!

try and make some synth/bass loops aswell!
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
lol thanks man!
ill try and finish a dubstep tune and a few more loops soon!
im so busy at the mo tho :(
joejamin121 26th Feb 2009 15:58 - 15 years ago
by going through all the dubstep loops your pretty much the king haha

you signed or got any releases?
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
hahhaa hey man! cheers!

ummmm nope, im not signed. i just like smashing dubstep beats on a killa system LOL. my bro taught me dubstep, and dnb... he's the king LOL!

thank man!
sandeepks 16th Dec 2008 13:24 - 15 years ago
great loop im definately going to make use of it.Thanks man
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
sweet, please let me hear what hear what you have made with it once finished :)
BlakeStringer 15th Dec 2008 06:29 - 15 years ago
You're right, we do need more Dubstep loops - hopefully they're as "qualitised" as this
Tiltedbeats replied Unknown
yer, we need heaps more, im working on some right now! your welcome to join me ;P

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