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Description : wicked beat, with heaps of variety!
bust this!!! there are also 2 other versions of this beat.
one has a break, and the other has added groove!!!

Description : simple 16 beat loop with a lil rim roll break!!!

Description : a simple smooth hip hop beat, with some swag!

Description : an 'in YA face' hip hop beat!!!!!
good pace for a faster style tune... check it!!

Description : a nice chord progression using black notes... accompanied by some emotional strings... enjoy D:

Description : just a simple piano progression with some stings layered.

Description : a little reminiscent flava with this one... deffs could be used on a deep track... i used 2 pianos to get this sound.. one was a harpsichord and the other was my original concert piano...

Description : just a simple beat, using an old skool drum kit!

Description : a reverb heavy loop... punchy kicks, with spacey hi hats and hi passed atmospheric sounds.

Description : hard slamming kick to snare sequence.. with rattling hi hats galore ;) nice loop!

Description : a beautifully flowing orchestra piece... i used heaps of strings, a light delayed piano and a subtle sax hovering over the top.... enjoy.

Description : a nice pause to snare open, and good swing on hit hats.

Description : a nice beat with good shuffle.

Description : a faster sounding dubstep loop

Description : smooth flowing beat, with heaps of filler hihats/prec and good variety. (16 beats long)... i made a faster dnb beat and slowed it down to get the slow progression in the background!

Description : a 32 beat dubstep beat loop.
see 'dubstep loop 8 different break' for the same beat but a different ending break, to add variety to your tune ;)

Description : a 32 beat dubstep beat loop, with a different break to the original 'dubstep loop 8' d/l the original also it will add more variety to your tunes!

Description : the same beat as Hip hop beat 3, but, with a break!
the main kicks are silent, to give the drop a harder feel!

Description : a few hits and strikes layered over my hip hop beat 3

Description : simple raw rim roll with a downward pitch band!

Description : simple rim roll with a tight hit, and a downward pitch band!

Description : good kick bass, with a catchy groove

Description : dubstep loop 7 with a break, nice groove good bass

Description : another dubstep loop! verbed snare, nice kick!
check it

Description : 100% made in sytrus!
there are 9 layered sounds (2 were presets).

Loops 1 - 25 of 44