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Description : This melody is inspired by lil durk and lil baby's piano melodies from their new album.
If you would like the stems, dm me on instagram (same as looperman username.)
Post in the comments what you have made out of my loop.

Description : Spanish guitar loop. Check out my profile for more loops!

Description : I will miss you forever and sorry that I neglected to send you letters or a CD in the past months. I will use this as motivation to get myself right, and be there for myself so I can be there for others. I will also never neglect to send off my music to people who I know could use it when they ask for it.
I will miss you. We all will. She was 99 years old, and was healthy, died peacefully in her sleep 2 or 3 nights ago. I had an aching heart that night out of the blue.
BbMaj Amin CMaj

Description : Space X type vibes
Cmin AbMaj C#Maj Dmin
Cmin AbMaj GMaj
Make something adn drop your loops I'll drop love too, once I finish uploading I'll make tracks with yours lets' blow up. Doing this for my late grandma who passed away a couple nights ago I enver got her the CD I know she wanted to hear what I've been doing the past 15 years but I have been self-conscious don't be afraid to share your work or give it away. Things happen fast.

Description : hopeu like plsshow what u make

Description : Make hits, no ifs ands or buts. Click profile pic for free loop packs
Get down with it drop your links that's what I do, it gets playssss
Love y'all
EbMaj FMaj GMaj AbMaj
EbMaj FMaj GMaj CMaj
My grandmother just passed away suddenly and I was supposed to send her a CD. I'm really going through it, let's blow up. Get your music out there, especially people asking for it, they need it. DM for collabs.

Description : No matter what you're going through, someone you care about is going through something worse. And you might not quite realize it until it's too late. My grandmother just passed away and I'm having a tough time it happened just the other night and it was all of a sudden.
Know who you'r eworking with seasoned vet in the game check my streams if you want to look me up. DM me to work, links in bio click the profile pic.
Drop your links.
CMaj Amin AbMaj BbMaj
CMaj Amin EbMaj FMaj

Description : My grandmother died a few nights ago. I will never get over it, I wish I spent more time with her and reached out to her more. I need to get my stuff together so I can be there for people I care about.
Let's work and blow up, I am motivated. GL and drop your beats in description, I'm making beats with others loops and dropping em in description.
Know who you're working with, seasoned vet in the game . Berkeley California

Description : My grandmother passed away a few nights ago, she was 99. I was supposed to send her a CD, I will never hesitate to send someone a CD when they ask again. No matter what it takes. I'm truly heartbroken.
Drop your links in the bio if you feel this.
AbMaj, FMin, AbMaj, EMaj, AbMaj, Fmin, C#Maj, Bbmin, AMaj
Let's work, make someting to this I will too prob
I think..

Description : Ayyy, I'm in a really solemn mood, I hope you like this stuff. Super sweet piano, drop your links in description lets' work.
Eb Maj
Links in bio to contact to work/collab, links in bio click picture let's work

Description : I'm back!! Been a while so went for something simple. Show me what you make!!

Description : Piano w/ gross beat and reverb click on profile picture for more!

Description : Simple Emotional Piano Melody
Rod Wave, Lil Durk, Polo G
Bass Notes - D#, C#, B, C#
DM Me On IG For Loops/Collabs

Description : lmk what you think! thanks

Description : Vintage synth sounding loop. Leave what you make down below :)

Description : some interesting chords
no specific scale so here are the root notes:
F#, G#, C#, F, F#, G#, C#, B, G#
comment what you've done with it if you want :)

Description : Some guitar chords with a flute on top

Description : Hard Guitar Loop. Hope you guys like it.

Description : Simple Emotional/Dark piano melody
Lil Durk, Rod Wave, Polo G
Bass Notes - G, F, D#, F
DM Me On IG for Loops/Collabs

Description : Thanks a lot for all the kind comments and support.
If you want to reach me, please use IG (Click on profil picture)
Greetings and love from Belgium!

Description : melodic trap acoustic guitar
DM me on IG or Twitter for full loop w/ stems or midis
Leave a comment if you make something :)
Click profile pic for info

Description : Vibey delayed bell plucks
DM me on IG or Twitter for full loop w/ stems or midis
Leave a comment if you make something :)
Click profile pic for info

Description : Tropical mallet bell loop. Leave what you make down below :)

Description : Some guitar chords with a flute on top

Description : Electric guitar sample w/ a complementary acoustic guitar melody.
Click my profile for contact info if placed.
Polo G, NoCap, Kodak Black, Hotboii, Money Man

Loops 1 - 25 of 30196
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