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Description : Hey guys just check out this drop and tell me how do you feel !
Description : An old loop revisited and with less bass in the mix. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Groove inspired by John Bonham.
Description : 4 bar Dubstep drum loop.
Description : 2 Instances of Absynth and a filter. Can be used in Hip Hop-Trap or EDM-Trap. Please leave comments on sounds. Keeps me motivated to make more free loops for people. Don't want to keep all to myself... :)
Description : 4 bar Trap hi hat loop.
Description : 4 bar Trap snare loop.
Description : 4 bar Trap 808 loop.
Description : 4 bar Trap kick loop.
Description : 4 bar Trap drum loop.
Description : Made with 6 instances of Xfer serum. Each sound stacked once with custom presets.
Description : Meant for some New Aged Pop with A hip-hop flava!
Description : Custom drum loop. 3 instances of Kontakt's factory sounds. Bass drum, tom drums, snares.
Description : My vocals and Hand claps. Stacked into a percussive beat. Filters and efx applied for bass and other unique sounds.
Description : Basic Pop chord progression. Made with Native Instrument's "The Grandeur" piano.
Description : EDM trap synth. Made with, Serum and reverb
Description : Used with the RnB Synth progression.Custom drum loop.
Description : Made for a remix contest. Second half of loop has a lead line.
Description : Exorctic
Description : Messing around (updated version)
Description : Custom EDM Trap Hi-Hat Loop. Made with 2 samples. Hard Pans, slight reverb and a transient shaper.
Description : Hip Hop Drums
Description : You can use this in any BGM works.
Description : Hello people i'm back with another cool dutch house drop lead !
Description : Psychill Loop good for start
Description : Pad ambient
Loops 1 - 25 of 71323
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