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Description : A rolling ambient loop, created with pharlight and piped through tantra for the glitch effect.

Description : Made with the fantastic DS Thorn. A simple arp loop bundled with effects.

Description : Some fat synthy fun made with NI's Super 8. Not sure where it fits, so I went with EDM.

Description : The loop is played on a single piano vst, but came about after accidentally combining two midi files. Also, I have no idea what key it's in.

Description : A sweet melodic loop played on a felt piano vst.

Description : A loop played with the formidable Massive X.

Description : Some Massive X weirdness.

Description : Powerful bass drop created with Massive X.

Description : Playing a simple arpeggio on the keys of NI Mallet Flux, and then piping it through the madness known as Molekular.

Description : Improv with Noire Felt piano using the particles engine for that sweet rhythmic delay effect.

Description : Improv with NI's Noire using the particles engine for that sweet delay effect.

Description : As per the title. Running NI's Glaze through Molekular to come up with this randomness.

Description : A simple and beautiful hypnotic piano loop, played with a single preset in Noire vst, with the particles engine feature activated to give it a fantastic delay effect.

Description : A nice big ambient synth with a bit of an 80's vibe.

Description : A simple loop, played with a single Noire piano preset with the built-in particles engine to give it more depth and tonality.

Description : A soft piano loop perfect for video. Played without effects, but there are ambient noises in the preset such as pianist movement and stool creak.

Description : A simple guitar loop for vocal practice.
Played with a guitar vst and not the real thing :) But I still put it in the Acoustic Guitar category for future reference.

Description : A nice simple loop played somewhat loosely in ballad style. Recorded with a Grand Piano vst and with a tiny amount of valhalla shimmer to enhance the ambience.

Description : A lovely sounding vintage piano loop for vocals. The sound doesn't have any effects and any atmosphere is directly from the preset.
Originally named the project 'Whispers'.

Description : A sweet vocal backing track made with NI Kontour, with a hint of a warm summery evening.

Description : Made using a standard piano vst and enhanced with the fantastic valhalla shimmer. Originally named 'Don't Move'.

Description : Using a single landscape pad preset and running it through a glitch vst known as Tantra.
I've put it in the glitch genre, but it goes quite well with a trap beat.

Description : Made with a single preset in NI's Analogue Dreams, and then piped through a few instances of a glitch vst named Tantra to give it an appearance of greater depth.

Description : Made with a single preset in the beautiful sounding una corda, with just a light touch of reverb.

Description : Played on a simple piano vst with a touch of Valhalla Shimmer and delay.

Loops 1 - 25 of 109
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