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Description : Simple arp with delay effect

Description : Bass stab for techno or anything else

Description : Simple mean reese

Description : Yet another pad. No layering although it might appear as it because of the weird delay. Enjoy

Description : Simple pad

Description : Dark techno kick with soft touch of reverb on the low for atmosphere

Description : There is some delay and a bit of reverb

Description : piano melody

Description : Dark, film like piano with little processing

Description : Techno bassline in B minor(it may sound layered but its not. Its one sound but the reverb is giving it such an effect)

Description : Lots of percussion

Description : some simple drums

Description : Broken violin synth chords(going even harder with distortion on this one)

Description : Heavily distorted

Description : Plucky melodic techno chords

Description : Kind of clean techno kick with quiet low end rumble

Description : drumsss

Description : dark atmospheric techno kick with some percussion

Description : =======

Description : strange piano

Description : boombap

Description : darkpad

Description : deep percussive techno drum beat

Description : //A#m

Description : Dm i think

Loops 1 - 25 of 45
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