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Description : distortion in its pure essence

Description : hope you like it fast

Description : walkin' around

Description : weird vocal with a few too many effects

Description : vocal with little processing

Description : Vocal phrase with a bit of reverb processing and such

Description : simplicity

Description : experimental chords made with sylenth1

Description : dramatic sound

Description : nothing spectacular just a gloomy sound

Description : Uplifting favela funk drums with a twist and bunch of percussion

Description : gloomy kick with a nasty-minimal-glitch percussion

Description : angry drums for no reason

Description : Rollin' this one

Description : Experimental trap drums without 808 so you can add your own

Description : Heavily processed this one with delay and Gross Beat etc altho its one sound, not layered, just resampled and made to be as techie as possible

Description : Not too fancy but all over the place

Description : Time stretched, processed with Gross Beat, not layered. Maybe C#m

Description : Distorted piano beyond recognition, maybe Bm

Description : old schoolin

Description : Melody made in Sytrus

Description : Moody bass distorted to fuck, not layered. Can work in Dm too

Description : Dnb drums ready for usage

Description : simple sound in Cm i guess?

Description : Old school sound with modern flavor, prolly G#m

Loops 1 - 25 of 74