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Description : Proper UK Drill 808s and Grime slides in F harmonic minor. If you need basslines for your tracks, dm me with your loops.

Description : I've taken the drums from my latest beat, because the loops I've been hearing are sad, and it really isn't my intention to insult anyone, just to try to inspire others to be more creative.

Description : Made a beat last week and the drums are just hitting perfect and I thought you guys would appreciate it and maybe get inspired by it!
Lemme know in the comments if you found it useful!

Description : Drill drums for previous 808 slide post.

Description : Let me hear what you can do with it.

Description : Just as the title says. It's pretty cool bassline. I've made it and used it in my last beat.

Description : I used it in one of my beats, maybe you can use it too.

Description : Lmk if you use it in your song.

Description : I've been spending way too much time on r/nosleep/.
I hope you can use this one to make something magnificent.

Description : I made a beat and used this as an outro, so I guess you can use for a lot of stuff.

Description : It just needs hard hitting drums.

Description : I was just messing around with sounds, using Arabic scale.

Description : It goes really well with my previous melody! Hit me up if you need stems or midi.

Description : If anyone wants the stems, make sure to message me here. Melody is quite amazinn. I'll upload the drums after this one.

Description : Switch-up.

Description : I think.

Description : I won't use it, hope you will. Send me your beats!

Description : Make sure you link me up with your tracks!

Description : Cool little drums loop with 80s vibe on it. I've used it in my last beat

Description : You can use it for layering

Description : Simple drum loop from yours truly.

Description : Literally, that's the sound. Link me up if you use it.

Description : Link me up if you find it useful.

Description : Fat and saucy

Description : A simple groovy way to start off your track.

Loops 1 - 25 of 29