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Description : inspired by lil peep. if you use let me know!

Description : recorded this last summer it's a bit rough but you might get a nice vibe if used right.
inspired by trevor daniel, juice wrld, x and lil peep.

Description : riff i came up with a while back and just found it while going through old files, comment if you do something with it:)

Description : simple 4 chord progression i played and recorded through my amp. could be used for lofi hip-hop or a mellow pop/rnb vibe.

Description : haven't uploaded on here in so long. made this loop with my acoustic guitar rn and decided to share:)
comment if you'd like to hear more.

Description : going through some old riffs i've made and thought i'd let people use this, let me know if you do:)

Description : cool little riff i recorded on garageband. use for whatever but let me know when you do!

Description : made in garageband a while ago and thought i might as well upload it. let me know what u create in using it :) [lil peep /xxxtentacion vibe]

Description : this was made on garageband using 'worlds smallest amp', could sound great in a mix, please link me your track if you used:)

Loops 1 - 9 of 9
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