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Description : I called it that because that's what it's called in my charts. No other reason. It's 12 Bars of 2 chords per bar, basically in the key of 'C' but that could change depending on what Bass notes you put under it. Feel free to chop and rearrange. Would split pretty naturally into 3 x 4bar loops.
I will not go into the names of the chords unless someone asks me too.
I would love to hear what anyone does with it, if anything, and there are plenty of similar progressions I can record and upload if wanted.
Cheers Steve.
PS I have left the chords without effects intentionally so you can use what you like. Bit of delay and reverb works for me.

Description : This works with the Quartal Harmony below in an interesting way.
Its a 5 bar phrase and the loop below is a 4 bar loop. Play them both together and the lead line starts a bar later each time and completes the cycle after 20 bars.
Maximun value from minimum effort. Gotta love that.
Thinking also that with a bit of editing you could make an 8 bar phrase by deleting the end of the 3rd bar.

Description : Playing around with some more voicings in F, which should actually work well with the Jaz in F loop I posted a while ago.

Description : A simple lead riff to go with the augmented chords.
C Maj scale based over the CMaj7 chord; Whole tone over the augmented.

Description : Been playing around with augmented chord voicings. A simple 1 5 riff with a CMaj7 chord followed by two voicings of a G aug 7 chord; the same CMaj7 voicing and then 2 more Gaug7 voicings

Description : Been playing around with quartal harmony. Chords voiced in 4ths rather than 3rds, giving 69 chord etc.
Would love to here how this would sound under a bit of Hip Hop.
It's in the key of F major, shifting from the F to the B flat and back.
Should be usable in the key of D minor though.

Description : A lead track to got with the chords. This could also be split. It is 16 Bars but could be split and used to make a 32 Bar loop as with the chords.

Description : It's a while since I've uploaded anything and thought that something other than 4/4 might be good. this is basically a 251 in C. It is an 8 bar loop[ with some substitutions in the second lot of 4 bars. It could be split and used to make a 16 Bar loop with a variation in the last 4 Bars

Description : As Below

Description : As Below

Description : As Below

Description : As below

Description : As Below

Description : A 2 chord vamp, A and B triads over an A bass.
I have made 4 loops with different inversions, moving between them. They could be arranged in any order.
I have also made a couple of lead lines to go with them. they could all be used in a mix and match way.
I won't post much more description in the other loops. It will be obvious what goes together. Enjoy.

Description : Arpeggio Bass line for C Melodic minor

Description : Just a little taste of some of the delights which lurk in this scale.
I assume hear that nobody wants to download hours of mindless noodling so this is just a worked out line and a sample of the sort of thing that works.
They don't call it the 'Melodic' minor scale for nothing.

Description : This is just something simple to pad the chords out a bit.
I'll post an arpeggio line a little later when I have had time to figure it out and practice it a bit....LOL

Description : Chords are;
C minor Major7; F7; B half diminished; Eb Major7 #5; A half diminished; D minor 7; G7; C minor major 7;
Sorry about the 121bpm. I just noticed that.

Description : Also taken from the D Harmonic minor scale but this time starting on the 4th Degree.
Also try this with the D Harmonic Jazz Vehicle loop

Description : This bass line is based on the D harmonic minor scale but starting from the 5th degree.
If used with the D harmonic minor 'Jazz Vehicle' loop it will create a different sound

Description : OK
Here's the same thing in D Harmonic minor

Description : Here's a bass loop to go with the guitar track as it stands.
All arpeggios but I added the 9th tp the last CMaj7 to make it loop better. Everything else just the 4 notes of the chords.

Description : This is a progression of 4 voice chords, harmonised from the C Major scale and played in a circle of 4ths. In this instance the chords are
Cmaj7; FMaj7; B half diminished; Eminor7; A minor7; Dminor7; G7 CMaj7

I have tried to mute the strings between chords which has resented in some string click noise but this is followed by silence so it should be possible to cut this up and use it as you please. Maybe even assign samples to notes on a keyboard, or pads, giving you 1 finger chord accompaniment

Description : Chords are A flat Maj7; G7#5; C minor Major7;
I love the btter sweet sound of the minor/major7.
It could also be used in the key of E flat Major, or for the more adventurous try experimenting with it as a Dominant substitute as in the secondary use of the Harmonic minor scale.
I would love to hear what weird and wonderful things people do with it.

Description : Fender Jazz bass straight into Babyface this time.
I think it gives a tighter sound.

Loops 1 - 25 of 34
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