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Description : Steady rock backbeat

Description : Synth spooky loop

Description : The Rapidfire loop with a better back-to-back looping pattern--less pause at the end.

Description : Fast attack drumbeat with emphasis

Description : Tight staccato synth loop

Description : A tight staccato electronic beat

Description : A nice choppy atmospheric synth gate for a nice dark piece.

Description : A weird gated arp

Description : A piano series that is kind of nice

Description : A filtered synth arpeggio created with Mixcraft 7

Description : A few piano chords that lend some chill vibes

Description : Minimogue arp with some interesting dynamics

Description : Using 808 sub-bass, and a little reverse action.

Description : A non-standard beat (avoiding the 4 kick-8 hat trap) based on TR808 sounds.

Description : Some ominous notes before sunrise. Slight flange, 3 synth combo.

Description : A subtle, creepin' beat.

Description : It's just a couple of stabs, but the effect makes it a nice ambient loop.

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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