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Description : Rhodes piano chords

Description : 80's vibes

Description : pad sound with effects

(one idea could be to speed this up and add fast drums like in "hardest to love by the Weekend")

Description : pad sound with a lot of effects
tempo is 125 but with heavy FX i recon putting this trough slicer would make it sound more "on beat"

Description : Pad with random glides

Description : Some piano stuff with effects to make it sound more "vintage"

Description : reversed piano

Description : Pad sound with heavy effects, almost just ambience

Description : Trapsoul/RnB melody

Description : Smooth piano progression

Description : Lo-fi/jazz sounding loop, that goes well with drill drums

Description : Ambient rhodes loop

Description : Slow RnB/Reggaeton loop

Description : I'm back with my RnB loops

Description : Lofi/jazz rhodes chord progression

Description : Rhodes loop

Description : Reversed melody that could be chopped to cool stabs/ambient licks

Description : Emotional piano

Description : Pad sound with filter

Description : Pad sound with filter

Description : Manipulated Pad/Rhodes sound

Description : Streched and manipulaited Pad/Rhodes sound

Description : Smooth rhodes sound that reminds me of Jack Harlows last album

Loops 1 - 23 of 23