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Description : lil edm lead that i thought id be able to use but failed in my attempt, maybe one of you can make some heat structured around this lil loop.
maybe like a dance hall type thing I dont know.

Description : I'M BACK YALL. got this trap vibe arpeggio for you! Pluck type synth. comment what you guys make below!!!

Description : CHILL-WAVY ASS LOOP. Happy, Yachty // Young pinch type vibe, E-Major this time. Made with serum. PLEASE Comment what you make because I know this loop will make something smooth.

Description : Made with Waves Electric200, Very serious tone with an underling sadness to it. Sure y'all with flip this into something great!

Description : Made with massive, I used this to make a YG / Mozzy type beat. thought id see what you guys could come up with. Pair this with a funky baseline and I think you've got something good on you hands!!

Description : SERUM FOR THE WIN. Post Malone type vibe at 140 bpm. sorry about not having the key of the loops there all old and I don't have the energy to find the key.

Description : Once again with serum, but this time with some trippy tweaking of the WTPos. Sort of a Kid Cudi Vibe to it maybe? Very weird loop that I know one of y'all is going to destroy.

Description : Made with serum. Great ambient vibe with not too much going on. I wold love to see how you guys flip this sample! Please come back and comment your creations!

Description : A young thug / metro booming style pad and bell. made with serum. Comment what you create! Love the support from you guys!

Description : Nipsey Hustle mixed with the old Dr. Dre feel. Comment your creations!!!

Description : DJ Mustard type bass to start your beat off correct. Please comment what you make! I leave feedback on everything.

Description : Dj Mustard // Mozzy type base line made with Serum

Description : THESE DRUMS IS HEAT BOY! Comment if you want me to release the full kit. Using SSL Comp on this muhh

Description : Soul Blues Rhythm with a Slap to it. Medium SSL Comp on drum bus.
Keeps the head bobbing

Description : Made in Massive with a sweeping filter LFO

Description : Bright and punchy piano loop. Used RC 24 Verb with Light compression and EQ. Would go great on a hip hop or LoFi track. Hit me up if you create something!!!

Dark spacey loop that I made with Massive. Comment where I can find the work you've made with it!

Loops (17)