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Description : Original sample was the same creator who made the original sample for "Started from the Bottom". Enjoy.

Description : Lots of chorus progression here make a banger

Description : Cant go wrong with xfer and spectrasonics can you
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Description : gave me future vibes but throw some more melody on top for that extra mmmmph yfm

Description : wet like water
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Description : throwaway do what you wish
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Description : quarantine got me workin.
take a penny leave a penny (comment your beat)
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Description : omnisphere fun stuff.

Description : Sounds like some rich the kid stuff.

Description : been usin and abusin Sakura for a month now. Kinda fye

Description : Sounds like some Idek type stuff lol
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Description : icy af no cap big fella

Description : Pretty lit comment if you make sum I'm like beethoven out here

Description : This shits finesse

Description : Sakura stuff
pretty wonky

Description : worked hard on this 808 line
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Description : This smacks
do it justice
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Description : Tbh the 808 is waaaay better

Description : Them kick stutters tho

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Description : Sub layered melody with a detune key. fire

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Description : Halftimed with some extra gross beat work, detuned and wet.
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Description : Pretty standard drum loop, with a nice riding 808.

Description : Pretty sick, yet standard pattern

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Description : made in fl 20, comment what you make

Description : made in FL 20, comment what you make

Loops 1 - 25 of 25