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Description : Jazzy Guitar with creepy vibe

Goes with drumloop, vocal and piano

Description : Just some added piano notes

Goes with drumloop, Guitar and Vocal

Description : Vocal with a little bit of distortion and "far away" sounding

Goes with drumloop, Guitar and Piano

Description : Basic but hard hitting drums and 808

Goes with guitar, vocal and piano

Description : Blood In The Desert - Acoustic Guitar

Description : Blood In The Desert - Soft Telecaster

Description : Used 3 osc
Arpeggiated all 3 of them differently within vst
Added fx to some and came together with this sound

Hope you enjoy

Description : Vox synth chords melody goes together with pluck and synth

Description : Add these plucks on top of the vox

Description : Some added synths for the vox x pluck

Description : Town at Night - Rpg x Animal Crossing Type Piano Loop

Description : Same harp, played in sustain and flageolet highs

Description : Kanye West Type Distorted Trap Vocal Synth

Description : Spacedrum CLEAN no FX version

432 hz

Description : Spacedrum reversed + Not reversed hits

432 hz

Description : Lmao accidentally uploaded "virgin" sample instead of "violin" sample where I made a dubstep loop from the "no don't do it I'm a virgin" meme jfc

Bass Notes:

Description : Arabic Violin Part 2

Description : Arabic Violin Part 1

Description : Made in omnisphere no layering

Description : Assertive - Synth - Part 3

Description : Assertive - FX - Part 2

Description : Assertive - Trap Drums with 808 - Part 1

Description : Overdose - Main Melody Full - part 5

Description : Overdose - Main Melody Minimal - part 4

Description : Overdose - Violin Pluck Hits - part 2

Loops 1 - 25 of 390
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