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Description : nicee

Description : Drondrone

Description : helloo

Description : maaario

Description : exposed

Description : like it always has been

Description : recommended bass notes

Description : ohh booy

Description : spacey v2

Description : spacey, show me ur work

Description : ching ching, link if used

Description : old. link if u use it

Description : recorded my voice and chopped it, link if u use it. can upload without the filter if requested

Description : link if used

Description : link if u make something

Description : link if u make something

Description : spooktime

Description : AIAIAI

Description : olololo

Description : kinda shit but kinda cool

Description : have it in guitar version too but its not as good imo

Description : metro something

Description : trippy

Description : lovely old one

Description : some yung lean type i guess

Loops 1 - 25 of 139
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