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Description : A break down from one of my recent drops on soundcloud. Might make a tutorial on this soon if it gets enough support

Description : Perfected the 808 from my last loop now we finally can make bangers. Let me know how you feel about this one and should i upload versions without 808s

Description : A new 808 created from scratch still a work in progress. might just make a 808 kit. Follow my soundcloud in my profile to find out when

Description : Drum loop from a old track on my soundcloud called destruction by flexxgod. flip it however you want

Description : Tip of the day:If your gonna do glides and slides on 808s do em right

Description : blaaah

Description : thinkin bout goin back to IG..lflexxg0dl

Description : basic

Description : sounds from my drum kit

Description : @Flexxgod usin some sounds in my next instrumental.. wanna hear more go look me up! Probably my last loop i upload

Description : A new 808 with some distortion. Might just make a drum kit for 808s soon.

Description : Includes hi hats,open hats, kicks and a new 808 i made.

Description : Same melody but with Arp

Description : Same melody pattern but with piano

Description : A simple melody(F#Major) made by Flexxgod

Description : "If you don't know who eestbound is idk whats wrong with you man" loop made by Flexxgod

Description : Made by Flexxgod

Description : Another one!!

Description : Now this is a real BASS pattern!!

Description : piano from Still Dre. If any is willing to make a dope beat out of it lets hear it!! Get creative

Description : A dope bass pattern i used in a beat on my sound.

Description : Something i made a year ago.Good for intros but I wanna hear what u guys can make out of this.

Description : My first and definetly not the last loop i upload. Expect more quality loops coming soon.

Loops 1 - 23 of 23