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Description : Make a beat, this sound will make any beat stand out!

Description : Synth sounds like its from an 80s future movie

Description : USE IT! Send me the crafts down below!


Description : ERx6 Type Loop

DM on instagram for Custom Loops ETC

Description : I might be gone for awhile, sorry if you liked my loops!

Here is my last in quite some time, enjoy!

Description : Im Back For Now, Lots Of School!

Description : Comment what you thought

DM me for custom loops!

Description : Mac Miller Loops

Description : Comment What You Think and What you Created!

Description : 135BPM

Description : Feel free to use this, i would hear a Sad/Emo Rapper on this

Description : i made this and it reminded a bit of lil teccas ransom idk.

Description : Soon my looppack will be released! So Hyped!

Description : Dm

I would use a moog base to be with this!

Description : D#
feel free to comment what you thought.

Description : This, i made just for fun!

Description : Feel Free to comment your work with this sample! Would mean alot for me.

Description : How you dooin?

Description : Hope You Find use to this!
Not what i usually upload but whatever :)

Description : The Same as last one but only the bells!

Description : Dont know who would fit on this, please leave a comment on which artist you hear on this loop :)

and ofcourse feel free to use!
DM my instagram for exclusive Loops/MIDI!

Description : Tribute to xxxtentacion, big inspiration in my life!

Comment your music here!
Want to listen :)

Description : This is the second sample going on my sample pack!

The Sample pack will be out on looperman in a couple of days/weeks. Cheers!

Description : This Is One Of The Samples Going On My Loop Pack / Melody Pack

Note: Gm

Description : Comment down below if i should make a melody pack/MIDI pack!

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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