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Description : What's up guys it's your boy MassOccurProductions AKA Drucifer. I made a pretty sick pad here but I never got around to getting the drums right. It's at 128BPM and in B key. Lemme hear what you guys do with it.
Description : Scary XXXTENTACION type bell loop in D Key. Let me hear what you can do with this! Send me links in the comments! -MassOccurProductions AKA DruciferBeats
Description : I know it says 69BPM but you can always stretch out the wav file in your DAW and set it to 139 bpm if you want to. Other than that it's a simple loop in C#. Lemme hear what you do with this! -MassOccurProductions AKA DruciferBeats
Description : Simple progression similar to WAVETM's song "I got sh*t". The beat was made by TheBeatPlug. This loop isn't the same chords or a remake of that but has that same vibe. This is a piano with pad ducking behind each piano hit. Lemme hear what you guys do with it! -MassOccurProductions!
Description : I was going for the vibe from the song "Fuck Love" by XXXTENTACION. The loop is at 136bpm and in D key. Let me hear what you can do with this!
Description : Drake type choir pad. I was using it one of my beats but I've decided to scrap it and I couldn't let this go to waste. The progression is D#-F#-F-D#-B-C#. You can use this any way you wish. Lemme hear what you guys do with it!
Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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