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Description : Tell me what you think

Description : Big Trap Bells
Was Made with C as root with in minor natural (aolian) It is also transposed 1 note down

Description : Spacey Trap Bells

Description : Nice and dark piano, tell me what you think

Description : S video game vibes for me. What do you think?

Description : What yall think. Check out the track I made with this on my profile its fire.

Description : Hope yall like it

Description : Upbeat bells, send your fire.

Description : Made in omnisphere. Send your fire!

Description : Nice and beautiful.

Description : Thought it sounded like cubeats, made in omnisphere then chopped up pitch lowered and detuned :)
Please send me what you make!

Description : Send me what you make!

Description : Used arp inside of omnisphere

Description : Nice playful melody to compliment your beats. Made in omnisphere.

Description : Made In Omnisphere

Description : Created from Nick Mira's Luna pack inside of Omnisphere. Send me what you create with them!

Loops 1 - 16 of 16