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Description : Nothing to it really. There's a cool little scratch effect in the 2nd half. Feel free to share what ya make. I always leave a comment. :)

Description : To be honest, this may be my best loop I've uploaded on this bihh. I know y'all can make some damn heat with this one. Enjoy, and please feel free to share what you make. Im excited to listen, and I always repost on my soundCloud, and leave a comment.

Description : Just a organ melody. I would love to hear what y'all make, so feel free to share.

Description : I made a piano loop, reversed, chopped it, and pitched it down to get this. It's a little tricky, but has a very dark sound to it. Feel free to share what you make. I always leave a comment on what y'all post.


Description : Sad orchestral melody. Aminor. Feel free to share what y'all make, I love hearing what y'all got, and I always leave a reply.

Description : Just a creepy dark piano and reverse effect too. I like to hear what y'all make so feel free to share. The key is Eminor.

Description : This guitar loop has a counter melody part for the 2nd half that has a western feel to it. Key is A natural minor. Really soothing melody that I could imagine around a campfire in the woods out west USA. Feel free to post what you make, because I love hearing your guys' creativity. I always leave a comment on what y'all post, so most def shoot.

Description : Sound like the intro to a rock song or something. Figured you guys could turn it into gold. I could possibly see Kanye on it, in one of his musical episodes lol. Please share what y'all make, I always comment and it gives me motivation to post more. Enjoy

Description : This loop is prob my favorite that I've uploaded so far. It has a cinematic/ royal vibe, hence the name of the title I gave it. This one has a lot of potential, so im excited to see what y'all make. I always leave a response on comments so lets see what y'all got. Key Eminor. (Updated EQ)

Description : Super simple loop that has video game like qualities. With some crazy drums and hi hats, this could be a banger. Sorry it's so loud btw. Please share what you make, bc it inspires me to make even more loops for y'all and I always leave a comment on you works. Enjoy. It's in Aminor.

Description : I posted a loop earlier and I love what people have done with it, so here's something kinda cheesy but def usable because i'm in a good mood.

Description : First melody is a piano and the counter melody which comes in half way is a flute. Pretty dark vibes, so enjoy and share what you make. I always leave a comment.

Description : I like the sound of guitar and chords. Post what you make!!!

Description : This is a lil sumn sumn I whipped up. Please share anything if you use this. I love hearing what y'all make, and I always leave a comment.

Description : Really dark Halloween vibes with this one. I don't feel like making a beat with it so this is for y'all. I don't remember the key, but you'll make it work. Link what you make. I would love to hear.

Description : Just got Zaytovens Funky Fingers and decided to make this, and swing it your guys' way. It's a bell in a major scale. Has potential for a hard hitting fun type beat. I think it's in the key of G but i'm not sure.

Description : Just reversed. Key is Gminor. Would like to hear what ya'll make. I always comment back.

Description : Made with a simple Bosendorfer piano plugin. I called it The Road Ahead because I'm sure a rapper could say a lot over this. It has a thoughtful sort of vibe to it. It's in D minor. PLEASE POST WHATEVER YOU GUYS MAKE WITH THIS IF YOU'RE COMFORTABLE. I LOVE HEARING WHAT YA'LL MAKE WITH THESE LOOPS.

Description : I just made the 1st thing that came to mind. Not my normal trap ish, and idk if it can even be used in a beat, but I felt like sharing. It's a cheesy 80s piano sound, layered with a regular piano. The 1st half of the loop doesn't have the last chord or note(from the second half) played in it. You can just chop it in half if you don't like the second half xtras. PLEASE SHARE WHAT YOU MAKE IF YOU USE IT. I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR ANYTHING THAT COULD BE MADE FROM IT. The key is C major.

Description : Straight forward, trippy/ambient 2 bar melody. Would be perfect as an interlude with some drums. The key is A minor. I would love to hear some feedback and hear what you guys do with this.

Description : This loop was made with just a piano. It has a southern soul feel to it like a lot of Zaytoven, Lil Baby, Gunna, Yung Bans, and Thugger beats. I put a little piano lick at the end but IDK how I feel about it. Just chop the beat in half if you don't like that part. The key is E minor. I would love to hear any feedback on it, and what you guys do with it. Enjoy!!! Edit was made to previous loop. This is updated one.

Loops 1 - 22 of 22