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Description : Reversed female vocals with lots of reverb. My friend's voice. Giving off Clams Casino, Yung Lean vibes. Ginseng Strip 2002.
Cloud Rap, Trillwave, Phonk, Emo Rap, Psychedelic Hiphop, Vaporwave

Description : A sad MIDI Guitar riff with lots of reverb and tremolo effects. Giving off Western Juice WRLD Anime Vibes. Emo Rap, Lo-Fi Hiphop.
Anime Guitar, XXXTENTACION X Juice WRLD Type Melody

Description : Chinese Guzheng synth with plenty of reverb and delay. Giving off dark Chinese/Japanese Anime vibes. Zen Hop. LoFi Hiphop.
Gunna X Iann Dior X Wheezy Type Melody. Chinese Type Melody.
Nujabes X WuTang X Naruto X East Asian Type Melody

Description : Ramen. A fast Harpsichord synth. Giving off fun, Anime J-Pop vibes. Japanese type melody. Lo-Fi Hiphop

Description : A slowed down, Funk clav synth. Giving off an old school, classic West Coast Hiphop vibe. Warren G vibe.
2pac X Dr Dre X Snoop Dogg X Nate Dogg Melody

Description : Dark piano chords with lots of reverb and delay. Giving off sad Lil Peep x Bones vibes. Phonk. LoFi. Emo Rap. Anime Trap.
Bones X Lil Peep X XXXTENTACION X Phonk Melody

Description : Shaolin. A Chinese Guzheng synth flooded with reverb and delay. Giving off a sad, Wu-Tang anime vibe. LoFi Hiphop, Zen Hop
Gunna X Iann Dior X Nujabes X Wu-Tang Type Melody
East Asian, Chinese, Japanese Anime Melody

Description : A deep Guzheng synth string with reverb. Giving off acoustic Young Thug and Gunna vibes. Namaste.
Zen Hop, Lofi Hiphop, Trap Rap

Description : Buddha. A reverbed, delayed Chinese Guzheng synth. Giving off lo-fi, East Asian anime vibes. Namaste.
Gunna Iann Dior Wheezy Wu-Tang Type Melody
Zen Hop, Chinese Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Ethnic

Description : Dystopia. A woozy, melodic bell synth. Giving off Travis Scott X Drake vibes. Dark and trippy.
Astroworld, CLB, Started From The Bottom, Utopia

Description : Transylvania. An eerie vampire organ synth. Giving off spooky Playboi Carti, Halloween vibes. Dark Phonk Melody.
Whole Lotta Red, Elm Street, Vampire Trap, Phonk

Description : A gloomy clav synth melody with lots of reverb and delay. Giving off emo, East Asian, Juice Wrld vibes. A crying warrior.
Emo Rap, Zen Hop, Cloud Rap, Anime Trap, Asian Lofi Hiphop

Description : A heavily reverbed, delayed arcade synth arpeggio. Gives off Super Mario Galaxy, Nintendo Wii game vibes. Video Game synths.
Trippie Red X Lil Uzi Vert X Yung Lean Type Melody

Description : Spacey, sparkly synth bell arpeggio with lots of reverb. Giving a dreamy twinkly Clams Casino vibe. As well as a Bladee type melody.
Cloud Rap, Dream Pop, Ambient Pop, Trillwave

Description : Caribbean steel drum synth with reverb. Has a tropical Lil Tecca, Zeze, Little Mermaid vibe to it. Island Music.
Kodak Black - Zeze
Travis Scott - Pick Up The Phone

Description : A sad Chinese Guzheng synth. Giving off East Asian, anime vibes.
Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Zen Hop, Avatar The Last Airbender
Iann Dior X Gunna X Wheezy X Guzheng Melody

Description : Nebula. A steel acoustic guitar riff I played myself. Lots of added reverb and delay, giving it a sad, spacey Lil Peep vibe. Emo Rap, Cloud Rap

Description : A MIDI Guitar played myself. A plucking style similar to Greaf and Bones guitars, giving a gloomy eerie vibe. Emo Rap, Goth Trap

Description : Monkey Island. A tropical steel drum arpeggio with heavy reverb and delay. Giving off Zeze/Kodak Black/Lil Tecca vibes. Island Synths. Psychotropical

Description : Sandman. A LoFi, dreamy synth mallet washed in reverb. Giving off psychedelic euphoria. Cloud Rap, Trillwave, Phonk

Description : A dark synth guitar with lots of reverb. Giving off a cloudy, trippy Bones/Lil Peep feel. Cloud Rap. Emo Rap.

Description : Benzo. A reverbed, psychedelic guitar loop I played myself. Meant to give off an LSD/Drugs You Should Try It feel. Trippy guitar

Description : Lo Mein. A reverbed and delayed Pipa synth played by me. Giving off an Oriental/Chinese/East Asian restaurant vibe. Samurai Champloo

Description : Mandarin. Chinese Asian style bell arpeggios played by me. Giving a Yung Lean Kyoto kind of feel. Anime Trap, Cloud Rap melody

Description : Spirits. A spooky, Native American type synth flute played by me. Giving off an ominous Phonk sound. Indigenous ghosts

Loops 1 - 25 of 38
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