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Description : i had an idea of adding a snare roll in there idk if it fits but i guess it does

kinda funky vibe idk really made in fl studio 12
if u have any questions message me here on looperman

Description : Enjoy.

Description : LMK what you make!

Description : Just a normal snare roll

Description : Why not XD

Description : This was also requested by one of you guys!
Let me know how you used it!

Description : Just something random I made

Description : Big Sqtch - 130 BPM "SMAK DAT"
Visit My Profile Page For Contact Ect.

Description : A call to every artist that wants to create something big. I made these loops to help your creativity and push your artistry further. This isn't something to just download and layer. This is something to make your own...

Description : My first FL Studio Loop, hope you enjoy
-Share what you make

Description : FL studio 20, snare roll, hihat roll, simple

Feel free to send me what you make with it

Description : FL Studio 12

Description : This is my First 8 Bar Snare Roll for you lovely people. It has Auto Filter and Auto Pan on it to give it a bit of PAZAZ!!! =)

Description : Combines a simple snare roll and a riser.

Description : Ableton.

Description : Hope this is useful

Description : 2 bar slow loop, 100 bpm. banging kick, nervously rattling hats and snare roll. Jack Matthew Tyson.

Description : triplet snare rolls,

Description : Show me your tracks guys!

Description : Time to crush the competition. No more games. Trap infused with a electronic style. Eminor


Description : Made this two 808 Snare roll will be sick to use on trap beats. Its dope! enjoy!


Description : i tried to make it just like the one in his song ice cream truck

Description : Just a short trap snare build kind of thing. Filtered

Description : trap snare loop
without panning and effects i don't know your preferences
leave link below if u use it

Loops 1 - 25 of 106
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