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Description : Translation; "seize the night". Another hard hitting set of loops I created strictly for Looperman. If you use my loops I'd love to hear your creation. Made using Ableton Live 9
Description : snare roll can be use in all style of music. enjoy!
Description : I was originally going to use these for a track but I thought I'd rather share it with the Looperman community. I wanted to create something that was hard knocking but simple so it could be added on to. I hope you can find use for it and as always enjoy. Made with Abletone Live 9
Description : Goes well with my other Hard Trap- loops
Description : Snare roll beat, New Orleans style. Percussions and little effects added. Main groove played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : A standard 128bpm Progressive House loop. Featuring big kicks, some giant claps and a rolling snare... roll. Enjoy! :D NOTE - This loop was inspired by Jim Yosef's Arrow, but loads of other tracks have used it. Spice up your stuff with this.
Description : A cool progressive house build-up you can use, with a pew-pew fx and a large snare roll, use this to make an exciting build up before your awesome drop!
Description : lots of Subs and Kicks plus snare roll-build, with an evil edge. made with AL9 and an APC key 25. its in Eb
Description : A snare roll I made in 6 minutes! :P This is at 130 bpm. If you like this loop let me know in the comments! :D I love seeing your amazing comments :P
Description : Sooo after breaking 20,000+ downloads, I've decided I'm going to be making loops just for the Looperfam. Here is one that is not even 5minutes old. ENJOY!! Tag me with what you come up with.
Description : snare roll because i can
Description : I made this dope little snare roll pattern and thought I'd share. I've used it already but anyone is welcome to use it as well. Link to my track:
Description : A nice trap loop. Layers consist of a clap and a snare roll. Not much else.
Description : Snarez...
Description : I made this dope ass snare roll for a build up it has some trip notes and such Enjoy!! also I know I havent uploaded anything in a long ass time but Im gonna start again because I have some time to make stuff for you guys!!
Description : TEMPO: 140bpm just a basic snare roll
Description : Enjoy.
Description : Has 808, snare roll, and Chant
Description : Same as below V
Description : Hey guys! This is my first post on looperman! I have a sample pack that I have been putting together so I will be periodically posting some of my sample pack samples as well as some loops that I don't use or want to share :D
Description : Simple Snare Roll with Beat every 4 steps :) lemme know if u use and share link!
Description : Made in FLStudio11 using all native samples and plugins (except BitCrusher). Fruity Squeeze, Effector (Lo-Fi), Grossbeat and Fruity Love Philter. BPM was a weird 133 to get the filesize right... Original 128bpm. Try this beat using Grossbeat->Repeater->Snare roll c
Description : toms n snare roll n crash
Description : The classic Snare roll with HiHats and Crash for 90 bpm Trap :) Enjoy and lemmie know if u use ;)
Description : Just a 90bpm Trapstep Drumloop. Enjoy and lemmie know when u use it ;)In part 2 the Subbass is chopped , I added a breathbreak and there is another Lex Snare roll :3
Loops 1 - 25 of 79
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