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Description : Boom Bap 90s Hip Hop Drums

Description : 90s Hip Hop style drum loop
Send me what you did

Description : this is fire but it is kind of off tempo

Description : Made By Rockin' Todd Russell. Studio Loops & Sequences. Unused by Artist. Royalty free. Use as you wish and i hope you enjoy.

Description : Fl 12

Description : Hip Hop Beat 90bpm

Description : Hip Hop Drums 90bpm with vinyl crackle.

Description : Heres the same loop without the synth bass, sounds more authentic.

Description : just a lil suttin i made, show me how you use it, heres the one with the synth bass, i'll upload one without as well

Description : KEY: A-maj
TEMPO: 100bpm
just a light slap bass reminiscent of that 90s hip-hop vibe

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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