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Description : again please link below what you do with this and any other of my loops.
Description : Here's the loop that matches up well with my guitar 01 loop
Please Link below what you do with this loop
Description : This loop is 95 beats per minute and pairs up well with my second upright bass loop which is the same tempo.
Made with garageband IOS
Description : It's all just Nexus. Really. What's the big deal?


(not a guitar loop according to the guidelines, i know)
Description : Made using a Banjo V2
8 Bars
Original by Oldrockandroller
Use it as you wish.
Description : Made with Banjo V2, using a piano roll to adjust and place notes.
Original by Oldrockandroller (use as you wish!)
Description : This loop goes with "Banjo Picking 501A".
This is the 2nd loop made to match and be played after 501A.
Original by Oldrockandroller; use as you wish!
Description : Starts out slow and progresses to faster.
This loop goes with "Banjo Picking 501B".
Notice the Key progression of both loops.
Original by Oldrockandroller; use as you wish!
Description : Banjo loop for whatever.
Original by Oldrockandroller.
Description : Made in FL Studio. I thought this sounded cool. Hope it is usable.
Description : good for folk
Description : Using a Acoustic Guitar set on Fast Player; converted to midi; midi edited and set to 100 bpm and then converted back to wav format.
I need to know if you want more of this type music loops.
Description : A banjo sound made with Music Maker 2014
Keys (Notes) this uses on a piano roll are;
6 Bars @ 100bpm
NOTE: Sorry Carl, it was first uploaded at the wrong bpm.
Description : F cord played at 100 bpm
Made with Magix Music Maker 2014.
Description : 2 bars Cord C of a Banjo
Description : Clifford Essex Concert Uke aquila strings
Folky type finger picking Am
Description : Folky wistful sounding harmonica lick Played on a Lee Oskar Am natural.
Description : add some fx and this'll be cool
Description : 85 BPM in as intro or break
Description : 85 BPM Em D A Cm
Description : 85 BPM Am C Am
Description : 90 BPM in C Am
Description : A steel-string acoustic guitar plays a mellow, arpeggiated riff.

Implied Harmonies: Fmaj7----Bbmaj7
Description : make with ableton live
Description : 4 seamless bars of a tender arpeggio on steel-string guitar, with strange FX added.

Implied Harmonies: Em7---Gmaj7
Loops 1 - 25 of 91
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