9th Feb 2014 22:15 -  10 years ago
Description : Thought i would have a go at remaking the vocal form Skrillex - Untitled DJ tool. Let me know what you think

Comments (32)

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

lilchicken4249 18th Jan 2021 01:23 -  3 years ago
this copyrighted?
Quantumhead1 18th Jan 2020 01:54 -  4 years ago
Awesome loop. Using it right now!!
Pattrone808 23rd Aug 2019 17:27 -  4 years ago
Really dig this bro..

Here's a little something i made with it.

Let me know what you think bro.

Listen to Boss in My Sleep Final.mp3 by Pattrone808 on #SoundCloud
HubsBeats 25th Mar 2019 11:28 -  5 years ago
Cooked up a little something.
Thanks for the loop
DjAsio 18th Feb 2018 16:51 -  6 years ago
BloomingSauce 16th Oct 2017 06:26 -  6 years ago
jressey 10th Sep 2017 20:39 -  6 years ago
Great loop. I chopped it up a bit and played with the pitch:
mrArm 25th Jan 2017 20:35 -  7 years ago
Kevin2213123 15th Jan 2017 14:05 -  7 years ago
Kevin2213123 14th Jan 2017 20:22 -  7 years ago
neverlast 9th May 2016 23:45 -  8 years ago
i liked your vocals ,hope you like what i did with them:
DJPsyrax 25th Jan 2016 17:42 -  8 years ago
Marni7 23rd Dec 2015 21:07 -  8 years ago
Hi, can you give original voice ?
TotallyTwinky 27th Sep 2015 05:14 -  8 years ago
Hey, thanks for the sample, I created my entire project based on the song I used your sample in. Check me out and tell me what you think :) Thanks again.
Evilbobber 15th Mar 2015 18:42 -  9 years ago
Like this loops very much. If it's okey I will use it in my new song. I'll post the link later. Thanks!
Boomstrike 16th Sep 2014 02:18 -  9 years ago
i want the original vocals pleaaaaaaseeeee bro i wont do anything bad just try to make anohter style
Boomstrike 16th Sep 2014 02:14 -  9 years ago
Maaaan send me an email with the original vacals and i will try to make something and show it it looks pretty funn
Your the best keep it up
1981jewish 9th Sep 2014 08:32 -  9 years ago

appreciate the upload man. This is all I got so far.
YearLong 31st Jul 2014 23:59 -  9 years ago made this with the loop :) thanks man
petrentos 28th Apr 2014 05:00 -  10 years ago
Valy2010it 22nd Apr 2014 14:57 -  10 years ago
hey man where did you get the raga twins sample pack?
samvers 16th Mar 2014 20:31 -  10 years ago
Hey man,

Thanks for the wicked loop. I used it in my new track as a buildup. Like and comment.


Skirisk 13th Mar 2014 22:25 -  10 years ago
Can you make a vocal saying: "You Would Need A Little More Energy", "To achieve this much power you would need to divide Work By Time.", "How Much Work you can do determines by how much time it takes." and last, "But You Have to Solve it to achieve it."
DjRaw61234 5th Mar 2014 15:22 -  10 years ago
This is great i will show what i have when done, keep making more samples like this, youre a great help
Neezle replied 9th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
Soo good you had to post that twice :P just kiddin. Looking forward to hearing what you come up with :P
DjRaw61234 4th Mar 2014 16:41 -  10 years ago
This is great i will show what i have when done, keep making more samples like this, youre a great help
KebabKebab 27th Feb 2014 06:48 -  10 years ago
Spot on, great!
Neezle replied 9th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
Thanks man
lilchedo 22nd Feb 2014 16:16 -  10 years ago
do you know what he is saying by chance? i'm working on something with this good looking homie
Neezle replied 9th Mar 2014 - 10 years ago
wow man 2 weeks ago. Sorry i haven't replied man. It doesn't say anything apart from 'Holla'. The vocal was cut up from a ragga twins sample pack and skrillex cut up the vocal to make a groove. so the actual vocal is just random syllables and words :P
Brainzure 20th Feb 2014 17:33 -  10 years ago
Thanks dude for this! i'll send over what i got after
Neezle replied 20th Feb 2014 - 10 years ago
No problem man. I'm looking forward to hearing it :P
Egreen0325 9th Feb 2014 22:58 -  10 years ago
Hey Bro... I want to thank you for blessing us with this loop. This ish is straight fire.....! Keep it coming bro, Awesome!
Neezle replied 9th Feb 2014 - 10 years ago
No problem man. I had the raga twins sample pack and just thought why not give it a go :P

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