13th Jul 2010 20:19 - 13 years ago
Description : Dubstep Drums

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If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

kamizu 1st Mar 2020 15:41 - 4 years ago
juanamana 30th Jul 2019 09:07 - 4 years ago
Fantástico! Muchas gracias!
hisenburgg 1st Mar 2019 20:20 - 5 years ago
ChadMojito 13th Oct 2018 20:41 - 5 years ago
Hello! I used your loop in a song!

Thanks :)
Sergey111 3rd May 2018 07:31 - 6 years ago
thesuninsummer 2nd Oct 2017 01:37 - 6 years ago
CaribWesterner 15th Aug 2017 14:57 - 6 years ago

I used a bunch of your loops to make this Legend of Zelda dubstep mashup, but it all began with these drums. I hereby extend my thanks for your work.
ECKSjoe replied 16th Aug 2017 - 6 years ago
I love this! Thanks for sharing, great use of the loops together
womby6 10th Mar 2014 04:38 - 10 years ago
Thank you very much for this loop!

I have used it in a game development project of mine: a small 2d fighting game, much like the original Mortal Kombat.

Once again, thank you for this loop!
ECKSjoe replied 16th May 2015 - 9 years ago
Hey there, Is there anywhere I can check out the game?
BaggyJSimpson 15th May 2013 23:16 - 11 years ago
TwistedLogicSyndrome 16th Apr 2011 14:26 - 13 years ago
hey man, I made a awesome dubstep track out of this plz check it fact plz check out all my stuff :D
you might like this one too:
I am only 13 but I compose every spare moment so I improve all the time :D
Love your stuff
Twisted Logic Syndrome
V0yager 29th Mar 2011 15:34 - 13 years ago
Thanks for loop, sounds great! Check this song:
zenoxx 4th Nov 2010 10:05 - 13 years ago
Godlike !

rawnage !
LoopG 25th Sep 2010 09:34 - 13 years ago
hey mate, i used your beat on a remix i did.

tell me if you like :)
Hexel 17th Aug 2010 06:26 - 13 years ago
Thanks for the loop, It's really nice. :)
Please check out my tune that I made with it! :o
Samixelo 22nd Jul 2010 06:08 - 13 years ago
This sounds awesome. Good work!
Lionel422 15th Jul 2010 06:35 - 13 years ago
A little to awesome! This right here is a song by itself. Nice Job.
ECKSjoe replied Unknown
Thanks a lot :)
solliz 15th Jul 2010 01:48 - 13 years ago
Very Nice. I see a lot of fun with this one.
ECKSjoe replied Unknown
Thanks a lot. I'd like to hear what you come up with :)
kevinnowhow 14th Jul 2010 23:50 - 13 years ago
Love the finale of the loop.Simple yet effective & that's what won me.Thanx!
ECKSjoe replied Unknown
Thanks a lot. I'd like to hear what you come up with :)
electrictraveller 14th Jul 2010 17:06 - 13 years ago
this is really an awesome beat!!!
BrianMaiden407 14th Jul 2010 04:16 - 13 years ago
great rock beat here guy!


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