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Description : a nice pause to snare open, and good swing on hit hats.

dubstep beat 11 by Tiltedbeats has received 9 comments since it was uploaded.

If you have used this loop leave some feedback or say thanks and post a link to the track you made. Apart from being the right thing to do it also encourages artists to upload more loops.

  1. BaggyJSimpson
    BaggyJSimpson on Wed 15th May 2013 - 8 years ago

    Reply by Tiltedbeats

    sounds awesome bro!!!!
    ill have more dubstep beat loops up in a few weeks

    Butcha d-_-b

  2. squaredProductions
    squaredProductions on Thu 3rd Nov 2011 - 9 years ago

    I don't appreciate you stealing my sounds. It makes me pretty upset this site has gone down this road, again. I have the original flp files for all my sample beats and everything I've ever made to prove it, too.

  3. ragamuffin
    ragamuffin on Sun 19th Dec 2010 - 10 years ago

    dude this loop is great, really helped me make the perfect remix thank you!!!

  4. jdissever
    jdissever on Sat 9th Oct 2010 - 10 years ago

    excellent quality thank you

  5. MenzieBeatz
    MenzieBeatz on Sun 29th Aug 2010 - 10 years ago

    Hay mate... i used this loop in a track of mine.

    Check it out...

    *Cheers, much appreciated.

  6. miggy2
    miggy2 on Fri 27th Aug 2010 - 10 years ago

    Hey Butcha! So i was working on a dubstep song, and couldnt make a good drum pattern, so i went on here, found this one, thought it was sick, and used it in my song. To download/view it you can go to these 2 links! Thanks! PS tell me what u think! u wanna dl it free) (youtube)

    Reply by Tiltedbeats

    that is one sick beat man.... you should upload it here.... would go off! thanks bro, glad your dig'n the loops! big up d-_-b

  7. BlazinS
    BlazinS on Fri 7th May 2010 - 11 years ago

    DUdee please tell me how you made the hi hats sound like that!!! I LOVE them hi hats, i been messin with dubstep for a year and a bit and noticed those hats are so effective and alot of people have similar variotions,It sorta sound like hittin knives together unsynced, HOw u do that, if u dont mind sharin!?

    Reply by Tiltedbeats

    hey mate... basically i have one channel for all my hi hats. use as many hi hats as you want, i like a good variety. then i place them in normal order as you would for any tune, then delete a few randomly. then i add "swing" to them. in FL studio there is a little sliding bar in each step sequencer channel. this give is that un-normal feel. swing basically makes the hi hats hit not exactly when they are ment to... k man thnx for the review PEACE!

  8. velcro
    velcro on Sun 13th Dec 2009 - 11 years ago

    I'm feelin' this. Gonna mix it up and see what I can do with it


  9. DrDanny
    DrDanny on Sat 28th Nov 2009 - 11 years ago

    I like the beat. Its sound pretty awesome.

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